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Author's profile photo Alexander Bundschuh

Best practices Cloud Integration Content in SAP Process Orchestration – Proxy settings

This is a blog within a series of best practices blogs for cloud integration content in SAP Process Orchestration. For an overview of all blogs published within this series so far, refer to the overview blog.

The following blog handles the different proxy settings of SAP Process Orchestration versus SAP Cloud Platform Integration. In order to run cloud integration content on SAP Process Orchestration, you may have to change the proxy settings within the connection settings of http based receiver connections.

Proxy settings on SAP Cloud Platform Integration

For the SAP Cloud Platform Integration runtime, you have chosen the SAP Cloud Platform Integration product profile.

In this case, you have the two options Internet and On-Premise, Manual is greyed out. For on-prem backend integration, you choose On-Premise, then the connection goes via the SAP Cloud Platform Cloud Connector.

For cloud app integration, you choose Internet, then no proxy is used.

Proxy settings on SAP Process Orchestration

For SAP Process Orchestration, you have chosen the respective SAP Process Orchestration product profile.

In this case, you have the two options Internet and Manual, On-Premise is greyed out. If you choose Internet either no proxy is used or the default proxy of the underlying Java application server.

You can overwrite the global proxy settings by defining a specific one. Here, choose Manual and enter proxy host and port in the connection details.

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      Author's profile photo Heiden Markus
      Heiden Markus


      in case of manual proxy - is it possible to also configure Proxy Authentication ? For example user, password or NTLM ?

      Kind regards



      Author's profile photo Diptendu Chaudhuri
      Diptendu Chaudhuri

      HI Alexander Bundschuh 

      A couple of observations and queries, when we select the Product Profile as SAP PI / PO SPx :

      • Question 1 : Do we need an additional Proxy server to connect to backend SAP system if we select MANUAL as an option in the XI receiver channel ( because the XI receiver channel expects the backend URL , Proxy Host and Proxy Port as mandatory parameters), while deploying the IFLOW on PI runtime ? 
      • Question 2 : In PI / PO we do not have a Proxy HOST and PORT as mandatory parameters. What could be the rationale of having the Proxy HOST and PORT as "mandatory" parameters in CPI XI receiver channel? If my guess is correct - it could be used to overwrite global configurations when a proxy server is available in the landscape for routing or else use the SMICM values like I have been able to connect below? - is the understanding correct?
      • Information : I have keyed in the values of proxy host and port from the SMICM transaction along with the URL, ( basically same values). Then i put an xml payload in Content Modifier in CPI and deployed the IFLOW on PI runtime. The XML payload was sent to the proxy. I was able to view in sxmb_moni. It worked. - is this the correct approach and whether this approach can work if there is no additional proxy server? Or a proxy server is a must have?


      Author's profile photo Alexander Bundschuh
      Alexander Bundschuh
      Blog Post Author

      Hi Diptendu,

      I think you mixed up ABAP proxy with a proxy server, latter used as an option for connecting your system within your domain with system/applications in the internet, whether you require a proxy depends on your company's network policy and setup, usually if you connect your PI/PO system with the ERP system both located in the same network zone you don't use/need a proxy, so in this case you select the Proxy Type Internet.


      Author's profile photo Diptendu Chaudhuri
      Diptendu Chaudhuri

      Hi Alex,

      Thanks for the prompt response.

      I should have given you a background 🙂

      Point 1.) In the customer landscape, the Backend SAP system and PI system are in different zones.

      Point 2.) I have used ABAP proxy type = "Internet" and connected PI runtime with our internal SAP Backend system, both of which are in the same network zone. It worked.

      Point 3.) Because in the customer landscape the Backend SAP system and PI system are in different zones, Proxy Type = "MANUAL" was selected.

      Point 4.) In the customer landscape, there are no proxy servers at the moment.

      Question :

      If the connection between the SAP Backend system and PI system (both in different zones) are already open and firewall configuration is done to allow the traffic , it seems to me that the Proxy Type = "Internet" might also work here then? - is this understanding correct?