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You are familiar with Software Update Manager (SUM), and with it’s version 1.0. As Product Manager for SUM, I want to sneak the secret that we intend to make SUM 2.0 available in September, as part of Software Logistics Toolset 1.0 SP stack 21. What does that mean for you?

SUM 2.0 expected for September 2017

SUM 1.0 will still be around, so both SUM 1.0 and 2.0 will be offered in parallel. But each scenario is covered by only one of the SUM versions – the other SUM version will refuse to work on that scenario (“Hey buddy, you are on the wrong side of tools – ask my bro’ for this“). But as Maintenance Planner will anyhow provide to download the adequate version for your scenario, you shouldn’t experience this.

Which SUM for which scenario?

Easy decision matrix:

  • SUM 2.0 is for ABAP single stacks, targeting systems based on 7.50 and higher
    (exception: SUM 2.0 is used for ZDO even if target is 7.40 or lower)
  • SUM 1.0 is always used if the source system is either a dual-stack system, or a Java stack
  • SUM 1.0 is used for ABAP stack if target is based on 7.40 or lower

The consequences:

  • all System Conversions (transition SAP ERP to SAP S/4HANA) will be done by SUM 2.0.
  • SUM 2.0 targets 7.50 and higher, which in turn requires that
    • the source system is already Unicode, and
    • the source is based on 7.00 or higher

Note that the coding of SUM 2.0 is not greenfield – it is the proven coding of SUM 1.0, but with a slimming cure, as it does not handle all the scenarios that the previous SUM 1.0 was covering.

What’s in: Software Logistics Toolset 1.0 SPS 21?

Well, let’s turn to the numbers game: the SL Toolset is still 1.0, and SP stack 21 is expected for September. SL Toolset 1.0 SPS 21 will include SUM 2.0 SP 0 and SUM 1.0 SP 21.

Stay tuned for more news with SUM 2.0, as soon as the new kid on the block is available.

Boris Rubarth
Product Manager SUM, SAP SE



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