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SAP Customer Checkout 2.0 Feature Pack 03 Webinar Questions & Answers

As a follow-up to our webinar “What’s New in SAP Customer Checkout 2.0 Feature Pack 03” from June 22, 2017, we’d like to thank you again for your attendance. A lot of questions were asked during the session. We prepared a “Q&A” document for you with all relevant answers:

Questions and Answers

When FP04 is planned to released?

At SAP, we are not allowed to give commitments for future Feature Packs or Releases. Hence we cannot give you a confirmation.

Currently we are planning for Release SAP Customer Checkout 2.0 FP04. We are looking at Q4 2017 (probably October end) as the potential release date.


When documentation for CCO 2.0 FP03 will be available?

SAP Customer Checkout 2.0 FP03 documentation is available with the Product itself. Assuming that you have installed SAP Customer Checkout 2.0 FP03 in the default location, you will find the documentation in this folder. C:\SapCustomerCheckout\doc

In the the documentation for FP03 is not available as of 13.07.2017 but we are working on making it available there soon.


When it will be available to pay in different currency (other then EUR) in Kiosk mode? Does FP03 supports other currencies other than Euro?

SAP Customer Checkout supports currencies other than EUR which are maintained as Home Currency. Retail mode of user interface also supports foreign currency payment since Release 1.0 itself.

For kiosk and hospitality mode as of now foreign currency payment is not supported. It is planned for future release. In FP04, it is currently not planned.

However from Release 2.0 FP03, it should be possible to use other currency apart from EUR as the home currency for kiosk mode as well.


What is migration in CCO Manager?

With the migration tile in SAP Customer Checkout manager, you can migrate articles and users from a legacy system into SAP Customer Checkout manager.

With Release 2.0 FP04 it is also planned to support customer migration. However, it is not a commitment but only want to say that it is planned functionality.


It works in offline mode?

SAP Customer Checkout is offline capable for most of the functionality. Example: You can make sales in offline mode and when you have connection again, the business transaction will be posted to the connected ERP system.

However some functionality cannot be consumed when offline.

Example of functionality cannot be consumed in offline mode:  Fetch Serial/batch number or Sales Order from SAP BusinessOne needs online connection to SAP BusinessOne. Using Hospitality mode needs connection to SAP Customer Checkout manager.


How is the artikel integration planned with SAP Business One, since it looks like you use the CCO Manager for articles, Groups and print outs

Currently It is possible to synchronize articles from SAP BusinessOne or SAP Customer Checkout manager. This is currently planned to stay like it is.

Ofcourse you can think of a possible scenario that articles from SAP BusinessOne are synced into SAP Customer Checkout manager. And then from SAP Customer Checkout manager they are distributed to different SAP Customer Checkout (PoS systems).

However this is currently not supported. It is part of planned backlog.


Wann wird es möglich sein die Lagerorte aus den Artikeln in B1 zu ziehen hospitality mode?

In hospitality mode currently warehouse selection is not possible. It is planned for future release. The backlog has high priority. So, it might come in FP04 or FP05. However to make a commitment about future functionality is not allowed.


When will retail/hospitality mode work with Austrian RKSV?

This is currently not supported. It is planned for future release. We cannot provide you a fixed Feature Pack when this will be ready. We have already started investigating this topic.


How many customers use Customer Checkout? how many points of sales you can manage?

As of July 2017, we have more than 150 customers using SAP Customer Checkout. The smallest customer has 1 PoS. The largest customer has PoS in 3 digit (between 100 and 999). These customers are spread across 17 different countries.


Is Arabic language to be supported?

Arabic is not supported currently. Right to Left is not also supported currently.


How can we add custom reports in SAP Customer Checkout Manager?

This is currently not possible. However SAP Customer Checkout manager is running on SAP HANA or MS SQL database. So, you can extract the data to build your own report using available tools.


Will have partners  the possibility to build plugIns also for the UIs (Hospitality, Kioskmode)

This is currently not supported. Ofcourse we will extend the concept so that just like in Retail mode, it will be possible to extend the User Interface in Kiosk and Hospitality mode.


How article images are transferred from Business One to CCO 2.0FP03?

Article images are not transferred. Assuming that you have installed SAP Customer Checkout 2.0 FP03 in the default location, the images needs to be maintained in C:\SapCustomerCheckout\cco\materialImages folder.

More about this topic in our documentation.


Is it possible print Invoice?

Yes. We support both JPOS printer and system printer for printing of Invoices, Day end closing, Cashing up, CashIn, Cashout etc. We also support extending of existing print templates.

For hospitality mode, we even support deciding which orders of articles/article group articles are printed in which printer. Example: Food articles in restaurants and Drink articles in Bar.

More information about printing is available in our documentation in Product, Partneredge and our EKT (Early Knowledge Transfer) materials.


If I want different document series, is it possible?

In SAP Customer Checkout, you cannot maintain the document series of SAP BusinessOne. SAP Customer Checkout scenarios of B1i framework uses the default series.

However the B1if scenarios of SAP Customer Checkout integration has extension points using which the payload finally send to SAP BusinessOne can be adapted.  Document series related changes are possible here.


Do you plan Central Management of POS Configurations (POS System, Financials, Sales, Currency, Syncronization Tabs)?

Yes. It is planned for future release. However to make a commitment about future functionality is not allowed.


How the system set the correct Vat Code?

In SAP BusinessOne, you maintain the VAT code in the article master data. In SAP Customer Checkout configuration, you can maintain the VAT code and its corresponding tax rate.

It is important that the Tax rate maintained in SAP BusinessOne and SAP Customer Checkout match.


Is credit limit of customer controled in CCO? Can credit limit available in customer selection dialog box? From DB tables we suppose NO. Must we use UDFs?

Credit limit of customer maintained in SAP BusinessOne is not fetched in SAP Customer Checkout. It has no influence in SAP Customer Checkout or the sales process.

Using our PlugIn concept, you can potentially create a new B1if service which returns if credit limit will be exceeded and call this new service from SAP Customer Checkout during the sales process.

However the development responsibility belongs to Partner.


Can other payments be made aside card in the new UI for restaurant & hospitality?

Hospitality mode supports cash, card, voucher and Payment on Credit. Cash option is always visible. It can be maintained in the quick selection which other payment options should be visible. Kindly refer to our documentation.


How is the journal entry of the end-day closing in SAP Business One?

Day end closing is not posted to SAP BusinessOne. They are posted only to SAP Customer Checkout manager or/and SAP Customer Checkout monitor.

Receipt of type “Cash balancing” as a result of cash differences during the day end closing process are posted to SAP BusinessOne. The account to be used can be maintained in the SAP Customer Checkout configuration.


How to manage different warehouses, if the cashier has no acess to SAP B1?

In SAP Customer Checkout configuration you can maintain the warehouses for sales/return etc and the default warehouses. Also for article we provide a service to view the stock information in each of the maintained warehouse.


Is it possible to set different authorization for different user of a same point of sales?

Yes. For each user different roles and different permission can be maintained.

Using our Central User Management in SAP Customer Checkout manager you can also maintain which user can login in which SAP Customer Checkout (PoS System).


Is CCO Monitor for B1 integration still installed on B1 Integration Framework? And can that integration be supported in B1 Cloud environments?

Yes, SAP Customer Checkout monitor is part of SAP B1 Integration Framework. Regarding B1 Cloud environments you will need to contact the B1 team.

In-case you have 5 customers, and you use the same SAP B1if framework (probably in a cloud set-up) for all of them. Then data (Receipts) from all 5 customers will be stored in the same SAP Customer Checkout Monitor.


Obsolete Customers and inactive Articles are shown in Customers and Articles selection dialog box CCO 2.0FP03. Do we have an option not to show them?

It is possible to delete Inactive articles and customers which are not used in any receipt. This is possible from configuration of SAP Customer Checkout. After this they are not visible in the search.


Is language translation supported in SAP Customer Checkout Manager? We hope that YES, and next question – HOW?

The language translation supported in SAP Customer Checkout and SAP Customer Checkout manager works in the same way. The concept does not allow to add a completely new language.

However if you want to change the text that you see for a specific term or label then this is possible.

You need to maintain the label for which you want to see the new text and the new text itself in the translation file.

Assuming that you have installed SAP Customer Checkout manager in the default location, the translation needs to be maintained in <C:\SAP\CustomerCheckout Central Server\translations>

You can contact your support inbox and we can provide you with an example.


CCO has support for payment terminal which is compatible to the treibau pepper software, what about other terminals ?

Currently we support only the treibau pepper software. Incase you need integration to other, then this needs to be built by the partner themselves using our PlugIn concept.


CCO supports Line display, can’t we use graphical customer (second) display instead?

This is possible. In the SAP Note 2202185 more information about this topic can be found. Question in FAQ SAP Note to refer to 2.3 Is it possible to use an additional screen (Splitscreen) within Customer Checkout?


Will it be supported installation of multiple CCOs in one Server, and working on POS with web-browser? Now we can copy CCO installation folder on the same Machine and run it from remote in different PORTs.

SAP Customer Checkout does not support concurrent user access. This means if SAP Customer Checkout is installed in a Server, then at 1 point in time only 1 cashier should access the SAP Customer Checkout.

Using the installation file, which is downloaded from the Service Market Place, it is not possible to install multiple SAP Customer Checkout in the same machine.

However, by copying an existing installation or after unzipping the .exe file it is technically possible to install multiple SAP Customer Checkout in the same machine. They should be running on different port numbers.

Remote access for SAP Customer Checkout is officially not supported. You cannot enable this option from the SAP Customer Checkout user interface.

However for demo and test purpose, this is possible by changing the values in the configuration properties file.


We are using collation “SQL_Latin1_General_CP850_CI_AS” for CCO Manager Database, which is used for SAP B1 but Unicode characters are displayed as “?”, this problem only occurs in MS SQL Server, when using HANA DB or Apache Derby there is no problem displaying Unicode characters.

We are investigating this issue. Once solve we will update this question with the Patch level where a solution is provided.


Is there the integration with bank pos for payment with bancomat or credit card?

In the SAP Note 2202185 more information about this topic can be found. Question in FAQ SAP Note to refer to 2.2 Payment Terminal Integration


Do you have customer in Italy? Which fiscal print do you have integrated?

Yes. We have customers in Italy. Our partners from Italy have built up solution, using our plugin concept, for the fiscal printer requirement for Italy.

If you want to collaborate, we can bring you in touch with the partner. A video was also posted in youtube about it



When SAP Customer Checkout Manager will support identification/authorization of loyalty users (registered through the Loyalty API) through third-party prviders other then SAP Event Ticketing? (for examle Facebook, Twitter and custom idetity providers)

It is planned for future release. Our concept can handle third party providers but it is not yet integrated. Our current focus is to support the Loyalty Management topics from SAP Customer Checkout. Once we have achieved it, we will focus on extending the current

solution with more capabilities related to third-party providers integration.


Are there plans to introduce timed promotions, e.g. happy hour within a bar or restaurant where there is a discount for a specific time?

When integrated with SAP BusinessOne, the period volume discount maintained in SAP BusinessOne is fetched in SAP Customer Checkout and applied to the articles in all 3 modes of user interface.

When integrated with SAP Customer Checkout standalone, this is currently not possible. As an alternative, you can maintain a PriceList with discounted rates in SAP Customer Checkout manager.

When the happy hours begin, the default PriceList is SAP Customer Checkout manager, can be switched to the discounted PriceList. All SAP Customer Checkout, after PriceList synchronization, will then get updated with this information and

the discounted prices will be applied to articles during the sales process.


When functionality to collect and redeem loyalty points through SAP Customer Checkout will be supported? As we can see, tables already exists in DB.

The database tables and the API’s are already existing. This means currently to consume the functionality from SAP Customer Checkout, a partner will need to develop plugins which can handle all the required functionality.

We want to support consuming the Loyalty Management topic from SAP Customer Checkout in the standard. It is planned for future release so we cannot make a commitment. This topic is treated with high priority so step by step progress is expected in future Feature Packs.


Can CCO Manager be installed once per location/branch (e.g. Frankfurt/Munich), or can it only be installed once per company (e.g. Germany)?

This depends upon the use-case of the customer. You can install SAP Customer Checkout manager once and all the SAP Customer Checkout (PoS systems) can talk to the same SAP Customer Checkout manager for central user management, or vouchers or receipts.

You can also decide to install SAP Customer Checkout manager 2 times once for Munich and once for Frankfurt. And all PoS Systems in Munich are talking to Munich SAP Customer Checkout manager.

Master data can be fetched from the same SAP BusinessOne system. However, if you are also fetching master data from SAP Customer Checkout manager, then the master data needs to be maintained in each SAP Customer Checkout manager.

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