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Hide the entire UIBB dynamically in standard OVP FPM using exit.

This is a very short blog on how to hide entire UIBB (Not just fields) in standard OVP FPM.

Please follow the below steps to achieve the same:

1) Go to the main floor plan page.

2) Right click on the Heading of any Collapsible Panel and select ‘Technical Help…’.

3) Click link named as ‘Component Configuration’.

4) Follow the following path: General Settings–>Floorplan Settings–>Application Controller Settings.

5) A pop up appears with the details of the Web Dynpro Component/Class and Configuration Name.

6) Go to TCODE SE80 and open the Web Dynpro Component.

7) Check the ‘Implemented Interfaces’ tab for ‘IF_FPM_OVP_CONF_EXIT’.

8) Now, we have to implement the ‘OVERRIDE_EVENT_OVP’ method of interface      “IF_FPM_OVP_CONF_EXIT”.

9) To do this, go to Assistance class and double click on the Method and add your logic.We enhance this Method by using Implicit Enhancement or by enhancing class and creating PRE/POST/OVERWRITE exits.

NOTE: Please check the  snapshots for details.


Sample Code:

        IF lo_event->mv_event_id EQ  'FPM_EDIT'.
             io_ovp->get_uibbs( IMPORTING et_uibb = lt_uibb ).
               LOOP AT lt_uibb ASSIGNING FIELD-SYMBOL(<ls_uibb>).
                CASE <ls_uibb>-config_id.
                 WHEN 'BS_BP_ADDRESSES'.
                  <ls_uibb>-hidden = abap_true.
                     CALL METHOD io_ovp->change_uibb
                        is_uibb = <ls_uibb>
                        iv_section = lv_sec
                         iv_add_uibb_to_new_stack = ABAP_FALSE.
                     CATCH cx_fpm_floorplan .
***NOTE: Type of LT_UIBB can be found in interface: IF_FPM_OVP. We can find the section ID (LV_SEC) from 
***      the Floor Plan Page.

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      Author's profile photo Jens Ruths
      Jens Ruths

      Hi Faraz,

      the section ID lv_sec is not required in your sample code, as IV_SECTION is an optional parameter in method IF_FPM_OVP->CHANGE_UIBB.

      Best regards,