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Free tool to extract BPM process context from SAP PO

One of the benefits to having a team of developers at your disposal like I do to create my SAP PI/PO test tool is, the ability to create cool applications to solve problems. So I’m really happy that I can give a free tool away to the people that have the same challenge as I ran into.

I have a client where we were using BPM to have some user actions in. Sometimes they wanted to restart the BPM process with the same data or minor changes. I could see the payload in the BPM monitor as on below.

This did not give any information about how I could download the message. I know if the process is failed I’m able to edit the payload of a message, but this is obvious, not true if the process is completed.

There was no API for getting the data from my research at the point.

So we had to create our own tool to handle the queries.

We found the table in the database that housed the Context Data and then started understanding how it worked. The context data was encoded in an XML structure with base64. Then it was just to build a simple user interface on top of it.

It should be easy to find the correct document and so we added a function to make XPath in the data to get the correct data. So we ended up with the following UI.

See the video to see what the application can do.


If you want to get it. You can get it for free at

The build includes sources so you can optimize it your self.





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  • HI Daniel
    I'm trying to download this very useful toll, but it gives me back an unusable adobe file.
    It's a .sca file, with some adobe extension


    I removed the unwanted part from the filename, renaming it to

    but when I try to unzip it or to import it into NWDS I'm getting some errors, because the .sca file contains only some Apache libraries, even not complete.

    Can you help me?

    Kind regards


  • Hi Michele,

    Thanks. I seems like a problem with my computer.

    I have uploaded a new file to the server, so you can download it from the figaf site.