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HU-WM Duality: An interoperability from Quantum Physics

This is my first blog and the inspiration of writing is derived from below question asked on SCN

I will correlate this business process with Quantum Mechanics in Physics, a theory which says objects have characteristics of both particles and waves (i.e Wave-particle duality). In similar fashion, in Warehouse where Storage location is WM+HU managed, it has dual characteristics.(Delivery+Quant Movement).

In a general business scenario in HU+WM managed location, we are required to conduct transfer posting for the storage bin stock in a {HU+WM} storage location.. Here the requirement was to move a Storage Unit(SU) stock from Unrestricted Stock to Blocked stock in a HU+WM managed storage location within a same storage Bin. Hence, the movement is pure logical not actual.

The characteristics of HU+WM managed storage location can be described as below for internal stock movement within a same storage BIN( Post to same Bin must be ticked for WM 309 Movt type).


A) A posting change delivery is created for posting-change movement types (changing stock status from Unrestricted to Block, 344). This triggers a Posting change Delivery with delivery type HTP. Had it been a purely WM managed location, a posting change notice OR a transfer requirement  would have been created based on configuration. But due to HU-WM duality, we get a special HTP delivery type. A PCD is generated because stock movement is within the system( In a storage Bin)


The flow of stock movement and its corresponding reversal


Lets test this scenario and understand mechanics in deep.


  1. Check a storage unit in LX03. Picked a storage unit highlighted in yellow. We will try to move this storage unit in storage bin.



2) Check the IM stock in MMBE. Stock of 4 EA is available with batch.


3) Now, try to transfer posting with MIGO(344 Mvt type). Once you post MIGO, a delivery document will be generated.




The HTP delivery has the characteristics similar of PCN. Transfer posting against delivery.



4) Check the stock in IM MMBE. Stock is still in Unrestricted despite 344 movement posting.



5) Creating picking TO(LT03) against outbound delivery




Since in my system, there is Auto TO confirmation for the WM movement type and also PGI is triggered due to background settings in below configuration.

Logistics Execution > Warehouse Management > Interfaces > Shipping > Define Shipping Control > Define Shipping Control at the Movement Type Level.

2 Copy WM quantity as delivery quantity and post GR/GI



Now, check the stock situation in MMBE. Stock is moved into Blocked stock after PGI against outbound delivery


In similar fashion, the reverse process can be conducted to move stock from blocked to unrestricted.

Please share your feedback or corrections if required. It will be highly appreciated.

In the next blog, I will cover the entire gamut of Handling unit, Packing, Unpacking and Repacking the handling unit.


Best regards

Shailesh Mishra


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      Author's profile photo suhas shinde
      suhas shinde

      Valuable information......

      Author's profile photo Akshay Yerawar
      Akshay Yerawar

      Really very good document Shailesh. Appreciate the efforts you have given to prepare it in systematic manner.

      Keep good work going.

      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Appreciated Shailesh..thanks for the contribution

      Author's profile photo Prasad Joshi
      Prasad Joshi

      Detailed elaboration. Cleared explanation ..Thanks a lot for sharing it!

      Keep contributing...