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Author's profile photo garreth kelly

BLS Transaction soap request in Nodejs

I am new to nodejs and recently thought how difficult would it be to call a SAP Mii BLS transaction from nodejs.

The  BLS transaction will retrieve some details of a Material Document by passing in the document number and year .

The output will be data related to the Material document.

Steps taken:

After installing nodejs , install the soap package using

npm install soap

if you get an error try

npm install -g soap

My Project folder structure and files  will be




First create a modules.js file in a folder call lib to hold the functions ,

module.exports = {
// function to move a file to a new path
    fnMoveFile: function(sFilePathFrom,sFilePathTo){
        var fs = require('fs');
        fs.rename(sFilePathFrom,sFilePathTo,(err) => {
            if (err) throw err;
        console.log('move complete');

// function to call a BLS transaction via soap                 
fnSoapRequest: function(sServer,sPort,sTransaction,sUser,sPassword,Params,callback){
    var soap = require('soap'); 
    var auth = "Basic " + new Buffer(sUser + ':' + sPassword).toString("base64");
    var url = "http://" + sServer + ":" + sPort + "/XMII/WSDLGen/" + sTransaction;
    var args = {LoginName: sUser,LoginPassword: sPassword,InputParams: Params};
    soap.createClient(url, { wsdl_headers: {Authorization: auth,Connection: "Keep-Alive"} },function(err, client) {
        client.Xacute(args, function(err, result) {
            callback (null,result);


In the above included is an additional function simply just to show newbies ( like me) how to add additional functions 🙂


In the function fnSoapRequest you can see that soap library is present by using the require function .
First the wsdl gets executed , and following the return the BLS transaction is execute using client.Xacute , the args variable contains all of the Parameters required to execute the soap request.

To call my new library function fnSoapRequest i created a new file call bls.js  this contains the following

// includes
const fs = require('fs');
const path = require('path');
// function import from modules.js
var fnMethods = require('./lib/modules.js');
// standard variables
var sServer = "SERVER";
var sTransaction = "MIIPROJECT/PATHTO/Transaction/WSGetMaterialDocument";
var sUser = "USER";
var sPassword = "PASSWORD";
var sPort = "50000";
var Params = { MaterialDocument: 5000016026, MaterialDocumentYear: 2017 }; 

//call to exported function fnSoapRequest
fnMethods.fnSoapRequest(sServer, sPort, sTransaction, sUser, sPassword, Params, handleReturn);

// handle the callback 
function handleReturn(err, result) {
    if (err) {
        console.log(err.stack || err.message);
//log results to console
    console.log("Material:\t" + result.Rowset.Row[0].Material);
    console.log("Batch:\t" + result.Rowset.Row[0].Batch);
    console.log("Found:\t" + result.Rowset.Row[0].Output);
    console.log("QtyWeight:\t" + result.Rowset.Row[0].QtyWeight);
    console.log("Vendor:\t" + result.Rowset.Row[0].Vendor);
    console.log("VendorBatch:\t" + result.Rowset.Row[0].VendorBatch);

here you can see that the last parameter i am passing is the callback function to handle the response .

To execute i just call nodejs and pass bls.js

PS C:\nodejs\BLSApp> node bls.js
Material:     000000000180001230
Batch: 1000006299
Output:       Found
QtyWeight:    2100.000
Vendor:       1800001218
VendorBatch:  TEST PO08 VEND

Very little code and very re-usable for BLS Transaction calls  !

Hope you found this interesting !


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      Author's profile photo Ajay Penumarthy
      Ajay Penumarthy

      Hey Garreth,

      This is a nice informative blog, to invoke soap API's from Node in SAP Space..

      I am trying a similar approach to harness Soap API's on SAP Process Orchestration..

      But for some reason I am getting directed to port 443 and get  a connection refused error.. I explicitly specified port as 50000 in the URL.. did you face any similar issue or have idea of how to get round it.. I would greatly appreciate it...


      Thank you,



      Author's profile photo garreth kelly
      garreth kelly
      Blog Post Author

      Hi Ajay,

      I didn’t get any errors and wasn’t direct to port 443 , if you wish to share your code i try and mimic it  on our system here to test for you , also did you try port 50001 for https ?

      Kind regards,