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  1. Former Member

    This kind of shift doesn’t seems to be a lost of foccus for industrial companies? If the thing that the company do better is make products, how many transformations and efforts will be needed to make that organization that good in service providing? And, next question, is that worth – or at least – is that absolutely necessary to keep the actual business growing? I think that this is the good starting point for discutions – not the how, but the why, propose those changes. I’d appreciate to participate in such discution very much.

    1. Dietmar Bohn
      Post author

      Thank you for your valuable discussion points. Manufacturing companies who offer EaaS continue to also sell their machines and equipment – it is more an additional business model for some of their customers (and some of their products). Most of them which I have talked to had to do it because their customers forced them to do or they have been under competitive pressure. E.g., the CEO of a larger Oil & Gas company talked about this in public: since they want to reduce their capital lockup costs they expect that their vendors for pumps, analyzing equipment etc. will offer an EaaS model instead of just selling them their products. You are right, it is a bigger move for these companies and requires a significant transformation in sales, service and other lines of business.



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