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Using the HTML5 UI in SAP Business ByDesign 1708

In my last blog ‘Productive use of the ByDesign HTML5 UI with 1705‘ I had announced that we had almost achieved feature completeness and that almost all functionality required for typical end users for productive use is available with only very few remaining limitations. With 1708 we have further reduced these limitations including e.g. that you can now view mashups. There are only very few left concerning key users (which are still listed & updated in case document 2372377) . A number of enhancements have also made their way into the UI including streamlined navigation and a simplified shell bar. The preferred UI for ByDesign is now the HTML5 UI. The HTML client can run on any device with a modern browser, such as an iPad or Android tablet. We recommend that you switch your users to the HTML5 client. It should be an easy transition since we have maintained the structure of application and combined with improved usability coming from HTML. There is now an option via company settings to make the HTML5 client the default user interface.

Please note: We have put the Silverlight client in maintenance and all new development efforts are going exclusively into the HTML5 client.

What do you need to ensure before switching to the HTML5 client?

Please check if you are using customer-specific functionality built with SAP Cloud Application Studio (AddOns) which has not yet been released for the HTML5 client.

If you are not, you are good to go.

If you are, follow these steps:

  • Test & validate these AddOns in the HTML5 client in your test system.
  • If everything works as desired please request the display of these AddOns in your productive system via an incident!
    • The incident needs to include an acknowledgement that you have successfully tested the functionality.

What’s new in the HTML5 client?

We are reworking the shell and you can see first improvements already, stay tuned for more. Examples:

  • The navigation menu that ran across the top in Silverlight is now on the left. This change was made to accommodate modern displays that tend to be in the 16:9 ratio or even wider.
  • The navigation menu has icons and color coding, and the user can switch between icons only and icons + menu name. Novice users would use the expanded menu, and once they are familiar with the icons, they would hide the menu names to get more screen real estate
  • The Shell Bar (bar across the top) has been simplified and the right pane has been enhanced.
  • Personalization is now accessible through right click.
  • The Launchpad is a new feature available exclusively on HTML5. It lets users quickly build their personal starting page to allow quick access into the application.
  • Last but definitely not least the rendering of HTML5 is faster than that of Silverlight.

Sounds interesting? Get more insights via Rainer Zinow’s video: SAP Business ByDesign FIORI HTML5 User Interface

What’s to come?

Stay tuned for the new HTML5-based SAP Business ByDesign OnMobile App – we are working hard on making a beta release available with 1711. It shall replace the current SAP Business ByDesign app (iPhone, iPad, Android). HTML5 will is the basis for these new apps.

By the way: even without the HTML5 app you can of course already use HTML5-based ByDesign via your browser of your mobile devices using the standard URL and login. Although not optimized for mobile, but if you can live with more scroll bars for the time being it is a nice alternative if you are on the road.

Legal Disclaimer: none of this is a commitment, it is a statement of intention. Possible future developments are subject to change and may be changed at any time for any reason without notice.

Feedback on the HTML5 client

Again I would like to encourage you to provide us with feedback on the HTML5 user interface. Please do take the time to fill out the survey on HTML5 available in ByDesign (Click on the person icon in the top right side of the HTML5 UI, then click “Give feedback” menu item). Alternatively you could also post feedback as a comment to this blog or use our Idea Place.

How to access the HTML5 client

With 1708 a key user can now make HTML5 the default user interface for all users via a company setting:

Alternatively you can start it by adding html to the client type parameter of your launch URL. For example, if the URL for your Business ByDesign system is, then you can construct the URL to HTML5 client by adding “/sap/public/byd/runtime?client_type=html”.

The launch URL for starting HTML5 version should look like this:

To construct the URL for single sign on HTML5 client, add –sso to domain and add “/sap/byd/runtime?client_type=html”.

The launch URL for your SAP Business ByDesign system should then look like this: https://my1234567–

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      Author's profile photo Robbert van Neck
      Robbert van Neck

      Hi  Stefanie,

      Is it possible to see your picture in the top right, representing the user who is logged on?/

      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Hi Robbert,

      At present the UI only displays the icon.

      Author's profile photo Marisa Falbo
      Marisa Falbo

      Any plans to change that?  We'd love to be able to have the user's picture display.

      Thank you.



      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member



      Could you please elaborate what is meant by

      "If everything works as desired please request the display of these AddOns in your productive system via an incident! "




      Author's profile photo Yamato Tomaru
      Yamato Tomaru

      Hello Ms. Hager,

      Thank you very much for keeping us updated with new HTML5 UI.

      Does this mean new functions will not be supported with silverlight in the future?



      Author's profile photo Stefanie Hager
      Stefanie Hager
      Blog Post Author

      Hi Yamato,

      luckily the SAP Business ByDesign software architecture takes care that all business process related functionality (e.g. new fields, actions, changed logic,...) is automatically available in all UI clients. This will hence be available in both HTML5 and Silverlight.

      However, all user experience related functionality will only be available in HTML5.

      best regards,



      Author's profile photo Luis Romero
      Luis Romero

      Hi  Stefanie,

      SAP Business ByDesign OnMobile App, will be replacing the SAP active sales, right?

      Any picture of this new app




      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Hi  Stefanie,


      Is there a date when Silverlight will be end of life and only HTML5 will be available? I have noted that the Silverlight client has gone into maintenance and all new efforts are going into HTML5, so I would like a date I can target, if it is known.





      Author's profile photo Stefanie Hager
      Stefanie Hager
      Blog Post Author

      Hi Luis,

      yes, the new SAP Business ByDesign OnMobile Appwill be replacing the SAP active sales (and all the other non-HTML5-based apps we currently have). However this will not be part of the beta version. We will sequentially merge one app after the other into the OnMobile app. Unfortunately I cannot give you a planned release for active sales at this point in time.

      best regards,


      Author's profile photo Stefanie Hager
      Stefanie Hager
      Blog Post Author

      Hi Steve,

      we will finalize a deprecation date for the silverlight client based on customer feedback. Right now, we target Q3 2018, but this could change depending on feedback we get in the meantime.

      best regards,


      Author's profile photo Krit Ratchawong
      Krit Ratchawong

      Dear All Experts,


      Could you please guide me how to change the icons of custom WCF ?




      Thanks in advance

      Author's profile photo Richie Feeney
      Richie Feeney

      Hi Krit,


      Please see this blog