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An Update on Organizational Interaction

Recently a couple of notes have been released which improve the organizational interaction process. Some more info on the Org Interaction process as such can be found in the online docu here.

Basically the idea is that the selling organisation can assign freight unit stages of a forwarding order to a freight booking. The booking agent is then reviewing it and can approve or reject, and only after approval the assignment is completed, e.g. the items are taken over into the booking “physically”. Plus there is an option to confirm freight unit assignments automatically, following some rules.

The idea is that this is done by the booking agent from within the booking itself, but this was not completely possible, so we fixed the issues and inconviniences in the process.

The basic improvements are:

  1. The Air and Ocean Booking POWL
    1. Selection: The POWL does now support selection of booking by the organizational interaction status of the assigned freight units. As soon as at least one FU-stage has one of the selected org-interaction values, the booking is relevant. It´s in the status area of the query selection attributes. This allows the booking agent to easily select bookings which require his attention, e.g. unconfirmed stages are assigned or cancelation is requested. Here is an example selection where all bookings which needs the booking users attention would be selected.
    2. Result List: The aggregated org interaction status of the assigned freight unit stages is shown in the field “Org Interaction Status”. If there are multiple values, a * is shown, as always in POWL.
    3. The Cargo Management Tab in the freight bookings now also show the org-interaction status of the assigned items, plus the accept/reject actions are visible. Of course only if there are org-interaction relevant stages are assigned, otherwise we hide the fields and buttons. As a side note: ALL stages of the freight unit assigned to the booking will get the choosen confirmation status.
  2. Confirmation Action now locks the booking directly: When the freight unit stages are accepted by the booking agent now the booking is exclusively locked. This makes sure the assignment is completed in one step and no waiting for unprocessed triggers can occur. However, this also means you can only do the confirmation, when the booking is available. As the booking is “owned” by the booking agent, this is the right approach from our point of view.


The following notes are relvant (depending on your release the relevance may vary):


2509247 – Missing Org interaction status in POWL for freight bookings

Booking UI (TM 9.3 and higher):

2509019 – Stage based actions are not executed for all stages in item hierarchies

2508612 – Improvements for Organizational Interaction

2511497 – Actions for organizational interaction not performed for all stages

Booking UI (TM 9.1 and 9.2):

2510201 – Org Interaction Missing in FRB

Locking of booking when changing org-interaction status:

2508748 – Improvement in Organizational interaction status

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