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Ready for download: SAP HANA, express edition SPS02

We’re pleased to announce the public availability of SAP HANA, express edition SPS02.   It has only been a few months since our previous release, but, we’ve packed in some serious features into this latest release – thank you for your input and feedback!


One of our goals with SAP HANA, express edition (HXE) was to improve the way that HANA users could interact directly with the HANA development team.      In SPS02, we are introducing a “Notification and Feedback” area in the SAP HANA Cockpit.    Notifications are messages pertaining to your installation – for example, availability of a new security patch, or a new release, or warnings about specific issues affecting the software that you are running.   Feedback allows you to send a direct message to the HANA development team.     These features are unique to SAP HANA, express edition.


From SPS02 onwards, we enable a tenant database by default.    This was initially excluded as a way to reduce the memory footprint, but, optimizations elsewhere in the product makes it possible to switch on, making it easier to use the data processing engines (graph, spacial, text, PAL)


While we’re talking about those data processing engines, we are making the Automated Predictive Library (APL) available from SPS02, as well as the new Tensorflow integration features (EML-AFL).     This will enhance your ability to develop ML and AI based applications with SAP HANA, express

With a patch on the 1st of September,  SAP HANA Smart Data Integration is also available as an optional installation to make it easier to load data into SAP HANA, express edition.


We’ve further enhanced our platform and installation features to include a Console Mode for the Download Manager component – the software which is downloaded directly after registering for SAP HANA, express edition.   This would allow you to directly download HXE onto a cloud based Linux host without a desktop GUI, or via an SSH link to a Linux machine you might have somewhere in the office.     The download manager is also included within the installation (VM, Binary and Cloud), allowing you to start with a minimal install, and add optional components as you need them.     We’ve also added support for the IBM PowerLinux in the latest release – only for the binary install.


Additionally, we’ve made a range of performance improvements (startup time, memory management, text processing enhancements) that will improve the experience for SAP HANA, express edition users.   There are a number of enhancements in XSA which further reduces the memory overhead which are worth looking into.


Looking forward, we’re also planning to increase our presence on a variety of public clouds, and we are working on making an official SAP HANA, express edition container available shortly – all based on the SPS02 edition.     We have updated to the version in the Google Cloud Platform, and also the AWS and Azure images provided via the SAP Cloud Appliance Library.




Important links to bookmark:

  • SAP HANA, express edition SPS02 can be downloaded from here.
  • HXE can be launched directly in the cloud from the Google Cloud Launcher:   The database only option can be found here, and the full image, with application server stack and SAP development and administration tools can be found here
  • The full image can also be launched via the SAP Cloud Appliance Library –  which provides template images for  AWS and Azure.
  • Be sure to check in to the Launch Page regularly for a number of new tutorials, how-tos and blogs
  • Check out Lucia’s blog series on developing under the XSA model.
  • Also – be sure to review the other new capabilities in SPS02.

As always – thank you for all the contributions on the SAP community, the emails and messages via twitter, linkedIn – please keep them going!

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  • Hi Rudi,

    on the newly updated website of HANA Express Edition there is still no support for RHEL for HANA 2.0 Express Edition again:

    You mentioned in the "What's new in SPS02" webinar, that there should be also support for RHEL. Of course HXE will also run on RHEL, but it makes a great difference if it is officially marked as supported or not.

    Instead of RHEL on the updated website there is now support for SLES on IBM Power Systems, which seems for me personally (I could be wrong of course), not a very common platform used by developers.

    Thx for your clarification,


    • Hey HP.   Thanks for the reminder on RHEL.    HXE is community supported, so, "official" support is a bit of a misnomer here - as you say, it will run, of course, because HANA runs on RHEL, and HXE is based on regular HANA.


      The statement reflects only what the team uses to document and test HXE on.    Working through this with our team.   Will post an update here.

      • Hi Rudi,

        thx for your quick feedback and clarification. As you said "..reflects only what the team uses to document and test HXE on.", perhaps HXE website should simply state: "Operating systems used to  test SAP HANA, express ....include". As there is no support (in the original sense) at all, but only the community (SC Q&A, Google, stackoverflow, ....).

        Perhaps the HANA Express Edition should simply be renamed in HANA Community Edition. This seems to be a common name for products, which can be used productively free of charge therefore have no official support, but a community to fill this gap.

        Looking forward on your further updates on this topic.

        Thx, HP  


  • Hello Rudi,

    I am working on HANA Express Edition and i have installed HXE on my window machine using virtual method of installation but I am facing some challenges, when I try to configure Smart Data Streaming option in free version of HANA Express Edition. After confirming it from HANA Product team that Smart Data Streaming is been provided as a part of HXE free version, Just wondering what is the root cause for it.

    When I start the configuration and follow all required steps initially configuration passes through but after sometime it gets stuck, Attached the screen shot of the same.

    And I am using HANA 2.0 SP01 release of HANA as below-

    Kindly request you to please share your experience if you have come across such issues.

    It would be a great help if you can add your input on this and list down the minimum hardware requirement for HXE SDS configuration. Thanks-Pankaj

    • Hello Robert


      Thanks for letting us know.    Will update the scope document.   Yes, you are able to use SDI without any additional licenses, as long as you keep to the provisions in the EULA.


  • Hi Rudi, thanks for sharing this information. I have installed HANA 2.0 HXE on Google cloud platform, can see the list of software to be installed like,  EA designer, SHINE, SDI etc. I installed them. However, I could not find HANA SQL Data Warehousing Foundation 2.0 tools like Data warehousing scheduler, Data Life Cycle manager and NDSO etc.., are they available in HXE ? if yes, How do I get access to them?


    • Hi there, Sreekanth.    Those offerings are not available with HANA Express at this point.   We post a document here which is updated with every release and describes the future scope.