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Check out: New Tip in a Minute Videos

As member of the SAP Community Experience Team I am coordinating the Tip in a Minute video series. They should help you to get a quick overview about functions and features concerning the Community and are addressed to newcomers, beginners and even experienced Community members.

So, f. ex. if you need information about the SAP Community Experience Download Catalog watch the Tip in a Minute Video from Dedi, our downloads expert and “father” of this catalog:

And have also a look to the Tip in a Minute video interview I did with Caroleigh about the actual Appreciation Awards campaign: she explains what it is and how you can vote now for candidates:

To come: a Tip in a Minute series about the new blogging guidelines when Jamie is back from vacation.

You have ideas and propositions for Tip in a Minute topics you want to share, then, please, contact me, but don’t forget: it should be a Tip for 1 minute!

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  • Hello Ingolf,

    I’m a bit confused by the first video. The SAP store looks (a lot) different for me, even when looking at a solution page (tried with Germany and USA selection).

    Aaaand I still don’t know what the “SAP Community Experience Download Catalog” is. I had expected it had something to do with the SAP Community Experience, but it looks like the video just explains how to download a trial version (if offered) from the store. Is that correct or am I missing something here?


    I liked the second video, though. 🙂




    • Hi Stefi,

      The idea is to explain how to download from the catalog in one minute with the assumption the watcher needs to learn how to do that and knows where to go already.
      your comment made me realize that mabeY it makes sense to do another tip in a minute expaining what the catalog is about.

      To answer your question: the old SDN had a cataslog that was movef to the store, after the community moved to Jive,

      The solution page I describe in the video listing the infromation of the package you can download.

      important: this is the link to the store where you can find the catalog:




      • Hello Dedi,

        thanks for the explanation. Now it's clearer.

        Maybe it's my bad memory, but I've never seen this page before or heard about that catalog. I more or less started with the Jive SCN, so maybe that's the reason.


        And yes, maybe the calalog deserves even more exposure than just a minute. Why not create a blog about it? 🙂




        • Hi Steffi,

          We posted a blog when we moved to the new catalog:

          I think your offer makes sense so I'll think about the idea to update it or rewrite it.