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Pass intent parameter for Fiori Launchpad on SAP Cloud Platform – Portal

Hello there,

It has been some time since I started looking for a solution on how to pass an intent parameter inside the Fiori Launchpad hosted on SAP Cloud Platform Portal.

I was inspired to write this blog and I was hoping to make a helpful answer also for this thread:

Intent Parameter is not passed in URL for Fiori Launchpad on Cloud Portal

(I could not reply here since this a archived question).

So, here is our scenario:

We have a Fiori Launchpad Portal, and we have some apps deployed in it:


Here we can see we have specified a parameter for the intent navigation, in this case it is called “mandt” with a value of 500.

Next, we could retrieve this parameter value by writing some code inside the init method of our app Component:

// Get mandt parameter
			sap.ui.getCore().AppContext = {};
			sap.ui.getCore().AppContext.sCurrentMandt = "100";

			var oComponentData = this.getComponentData();

			if (oComponentData && oComponentData.startupParameters && oComponentData.startupParameters.mandt && oComponentData.startupParameters
				.mandt.length > 0) {
				sap.ui.getCore().AppContext.sCurrentMandt = oComponentData.startupParameters.mandt[0];

After redeploying our app, we can see the following object (and our parameter value) when we open the app from the Launchpad:


I hope this blog might be helpful.

Thank you!


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