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Intelligence at the Cutting Edge with SAP Leonardo IoT Edge

Leonardo da Vinci was a world-renowned artist, inventor, and scientist, among his many unrivaled talents.  Undisputedly, his legacy as a true visionary and innovator still permeates today.  Perhaps that’s why SAP chose to couple Leonardo’s name with their new digital brand, and SAP Leonardo was born.  In short, SAP Leonardo represents a comprehensive digital innovation system which integrates breakthrough technologies, such as the Internet of Things, machine learning, blockchain and analytics, and runs them seamlessly in the cloud.  By enabling and accelerating digital transformation, SAP Leonardo helps companies rapidly innovate and scale their business for a digital world.

As the world becomes increasingly more digital SAP Leonardo will pave the way, helping companies navigate unchartered digital paths, and confidently redefine their business.  A catalyst for imminent change and digital innovation, SAP Leonardo also enables new business opportunities.  With opportunities come challenges, and capitalizing on these opportunities is an uphill battle many organizations face.  As enterprises begin their journey and start to climb the digital innovation ladder, they want to ensure they invest their money wisely to maximize profit and drive business results.

As a first step, it’s important for companies to clearly understand their business needs and evaluate current technology options to meet those needs.  Following in the footsteps of SAP Leonardo’s announcement, a new global innovation conference was established to help enterprises do just that – SAP Leonardo LIVESAP Leonardo LIVE recently made its global debut in Frankfurt, Germany with participants, speakers and exhibitors from over 48 countries.  The event also coincided with the launch of several new IoT solutions unveiled in a recent press release.  Leonardo LIVE introduced a host of promising technologies and solutions, bringing together customers, partners, influencers, analysts and media to showcase leading-edge innovations, best practices and global business cases.

One of the market leading solutions introduced was SAP Edge Services, a new cloud offering from the SAP Leonardo Internet of Things innovation portfolio.  SAP Leonardo IoT Edge offers a comprehensive IoT edge processing portfolio, including SAP Edge Services, SAP Cloud Platform IoT Gateway Edge, SAP Dynamic Edge Processing (DEP), and Transaction Availability for Remote Sites (TARS).  SAP Edge Services runs on SAP’s Cloud Platform and scales the cloud to the intelligent edge.

Cloud deployment at the edge provides the opportunity to hyper-scale across thousands of edge nodes, with one cloud-edge integrated system.  This enables massive scalability for large enterprises with thousands of geographically distributed assets and devices on the edge.  With experts predicting trillions of connected things over the next decade, collecting massive amounts of data, scalability is a top priority and concern.  The anticipated surge in data generation, often based on IoT sensor data collected from smart devices, will necessitate real-time action for critical business functions and decisions.  Yet, immediate access to IoT and business data is often restricted, with network disruptions and connectivity delays.

Sending continuous streams of Big Data from a physical device to the cloud for further processing and analysis, often incurring roundtrips, can also introduce latency problems that undermine the value and potential insights IoT offers, particularly when sensor data is combined with enterprise business context.  On top of that, data communication can be expensive and cost prohibitive.  Imagine the incremental magnitude of these challenges, when an enterprise has thousands or even millions of remote assets continually acquiring and transmitting Big Data.

Let’s consider an asset management scenario.  Ultimately, businesses need to monitor and optimize their high performing assets as cost-effectively as possible.  This can be a challenge, particularly when those assets are located at the edge, where intermittent connectivity and system downtime are common business disruptions.

SAP Edge Services helps optimize the equipment maintenance process for edge scenarios when there is no connectivity, and minimizes latency issues resulting from ongoing roundtrips to the cloud.  This keeps your assets up and running, improving asset uptime, increasing worker productivity and operational efficiency.  With SAP Edge Services, businesses can analyze data streams from IoT assets, gain new insights to expedite decision making and define conditions for pattern recognition or automated events, such as sending a service alert or initiating a work order in the digital core, when asset maintenance is required.  On the contrary, if expensive, high value equipment is not adequately maintained, companies often incur high replacement and downtime costs.

SAP Edge Services ensures continuous operations, fast local performance and opportunistic synchronization by extending cloud functionality to the edge of the network, where data originates, for local processing, analysis and meaningful insights.   With uninterrupted system access, your valuable assets, sensors and business keep running.  Performance stays high and costs stay low.  Even Leonardo da Vinci, one of the great intellectual minds of his time, would be inspired by the potential and power of intelligence at the Edge – the cutting edge.



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      Author's profile photo Dan Everett
      Dan Everett

      Nice blog Lisa. Edge processing is going to be critical in IoT.

      Last year at Teched PVN PavanKumar did a session on the topice of managing at the edge vs trying to move exabytes of data to a central data center. You have to be logged in to download the presentation.

      Kind regards,