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What Type of Career Site Are You Building?

The evolution of the career site has come a long way in just the last 5 years in the world of recruitment.

The evolution of career sites are evolving just as quickly as online consumer driven retail sites of today. There is an expectation that your career site be streamlined and consistent with your corporate branding. The site should be simple and intuitive to user and sites should not simply be about content but have opportunities to engage both socially, as well as thru other mediums, such as video and chat. Lastly, it should of course be responsive, to meet the ongoing need for mobile access.

A recent study, showed that 77% of candidates, report using career sites as their top source of information on an employer. No other channel came close and this includes channels such as, social media, employee referral, live events or direct employer contacts!

Career sites were also found to convert 8 times the amount of applicants when branding complimented the employers corporate website. The better the branding the longer candidates stayed engaged on the site which equates to more applications!

It is hard, to not argue for the investment in your career site after stats like these. In fact, over 59% of Successfactors SAP Recruiting clients have chosen to invest in BOTH our Applicant Tracking System (RCM) AND our Recruiting Marketing Tool ( RMK) to help engage and drive talent on their career site. These clients typically see the power of their career sites increase dramatically with most measuring hires from their career site as one their top 3 sources of hires consistently! Now that is what I call good ROI!

The clients we see who have the strongest ROI on their sites are those that also take time to plan!

This is the real secret to success! Below are 5 leading practices to keep in mind Pre & Post implementation when taking your career site to the next level with Successfactors SAP.


Team Work is Essential

Before kicking off any project you will want to ensure you have the right resources on your team.

Take into consideration that this is not just a career site you are developing but rather a marketing engine. This means expertise from corporate marketing will need to play a role to ensure your branding is consistent and that they can provide corporate approved colors, images, videos and logos for the career site. This can be become even more complex if you require multiple brands or global jobs.

Social components are also common on career sites , tapping into your social marketing managers to ensure you are cross promoting your social sites, blogs and content is a great way to collaborate and further extend your branding and career site. Consider opportunities where online social events or feeds might be beneficial to leverage on your career site based on the types of candidates you are trying to attract.


Legal resources may also need to play a role in approving any new content or required legal employment statements or privacy documents based on the information you are capturing as

part of the candidate experience.


Business Partners such as Talent Acquisition, HRIS and Human resources will also be essential

to ensuring your career site portrays the culture and process that candidates will engage in as part of the recruiting process.


Executive oversight of course is essential this will ensure you have what need and that he strategy is aligned from the top down. Don’t be afraid to bring your sr. leadership into your planning sessions

They have just as much an interest in attracting the right talent as you do!


Come with Your Customer in Mind

Your career site should also ensure that it speaks to the types of candidates you

are trying to attract and that it aligns back to those strategies. Commonly we see links to more information for New Grads/ Interns, Diversity programs, Military etc.



Additionally, you should be focused on your hardest to fill positions either by function or location or both! Likewise, consider positions that are open continuously were pipelines are needed to ensure a healthy flow of candidates consistently. Calling this out either by a simple link or using a map search feature to make it intuitive to find jobs is a great way to do this, today on your career site!






Attracting talent in this complex age of the multigenerational workforce also means ensuring you have features that are intuitive enough for some and complex enough for others. This means links to lead directly to specific types of jobs and content as well as features like Chat, Video and Social feeds for others.





Ensuring you are marketing your culture is essential, particularly for millennials. In fact, a Linked in Study in 2016 found that the number one thing Millennials want to know about your company is its culture and values. Young people tend to leave if those values turn out to be a bad fit. In fact, 30 percent of those in the LinkedIn study said they didn’t see themselves working more than a year at their current job. This generation simply won’t tolerate a work environment where they don’t fit in.






Don’t Forget About Passive Candidates

A recent report conducted by Successfactors found that, more than 17 million people around the globe have joined our client’s talent communities of which 1 billion emails were delivered automatically to these active and passive prospective candidates! As a result, 50% started an apply at some point in their job search journey via this channel of marketing! Most surprisingly, 33% of these apply starts were initiated by candidates who had been in our client’s talent community for more than 90 days!

This speaks volumes to the power of passive marketing and engagement. Giving visitors the opportunity to “shop” without “purchasing” is key. Not every visitor is a candidate or at least initially! It’s your job to persuade or engage that visitor to become an applicant!

Ensuring you have a way to capture information without requiring a resume to do so, is key for this audience. This allows them to share just enough information that your recruitment and sourcing teams can identify and proactively engage while also allowing the passive candidate to stay in touch with you on future jobs!

Consider how BOTH a passive and active candidate would navigate your site and what would be the same and different about that experience.



Which Device do you Use Today?

Did you know by 2020 smartphone traffic will EXCEED PC Traffic! Is your career site ready to support this type of traffic today? Better yet, is your ENTIRE Candidate experience ready to support this type of traffic today. Planning should always account for responsive design when building a website today. Ensure that your site is mobile enabled and candidates can easily navigate from a nonmobile device to a mobile device when searching and applying for jobs on your career site.





Planning Never Stops!

The #1 miss step we find when engaging with client who have been live for more than 12 months with their sites is they stop planning! The world of Recruiting and Cloud technology never stops, it keeps innovating! It requires that someone own the career site after it goes lives and quarterly brings the team (You know the one I mentioned at the beginning) back together to discuss how recruiting and strategy at your company is evolving. Likewise, what new offerings and innovation are now available that were not when you initially built and implemented your site? These are the types of topics among many others that can be addressed at these quarterly team meetings.

Ultimately, this is the secret weapon to staying on top of your competition in this very competitive employment market. Your career site is your first impression on candidates and you only get one opportunity!

In summary, planning is essential to a great career site but it is also essential long term to maintaining a great career site! Keep these 5 tips in mind as you begin to look at ways to evolve your career site.

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