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Step by step to debug UI5 application running on iOS device with your windows laptop

It is possible to debug a UI5 application running on an iOS device with a windows laptop.
Suppose I have deployed my UI5 application to SAP cloud platform:
Now I launch this application in my iPad:
And I would like to debug this UI5 application which is running on iPad with my windows laptop. Here below are detailed steps:
1. install iTunes so that your iOS device could be recognized by your windows laptop.
2. Switch on “Web Inspector” in iPad->Settings->Advanced.
3. Download ios-webkit-debug-proxy-win32 from github.
Extract the .zip file to a folder in your laptop and add this folder to Path environment variable.
4. Open windows command prompt, type the following command, and you can see that the iPad is successfully connected.
ios_webkit_debug_proxy.exe -f chrome-devtools://devtools/bundled/inspector.html

Access http://localhost:9221, and my iOS device is listed here:
Click the hyperlink “localhost:9222”, then the active Safari page which displays my UI5 application is listed there:
Click the hyperlink, and Chrome development tool window is opened automatically. Now it is ready to debug – for example press the “approve” button in my iPad, and the breakpoint set in the corresponding event handler in my laptop is triggered.
Happy debugging!
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  • Hi Jerry,

    very useful blog!

    do you know if a similar procedure can be used to debug hybrid cordova apps?

    I used gapdebug but it doesn't work anymore in ios10 and the project is discontinued


    thank you


  • Hai Jerry,

    I have developed the same, but I am getting only css in the developer tools, cant able to see any JS code there..

    Please advise me.