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Broadcast Resolution: Change in Receiving Newly Published Agentry App in SMP 3.0

To all SAP users of SMP 3.0/Agentry,


Due to the technical partnerships of SAP with multiple production deployment of SMP 3.0 – Agentry (i.e. Work Manager, Inventory Manager and others), SAP and customers improved scalability and stability in newer versions of SAP Mobile Platform – SMP 3.0 SP12 PL09 and SMP 3.0 SP13 PL01.

With these new changes, there are certain older features that may seem like it is functioning differently. The feature concern is the receiving of the newly deployed Agentry application when the user transmits after publishing.  When the user transmits, they may not see newly deployed Agentry application. Users need to know this new change as documented in the SAP KBA note: 2510305 – Limitation: Transmit of Agentry published or deployed application not downloaded to client.

We thank all of SAP customers and partners who have helped with increasing scalability and performance of the SMP 3.0 – Agentry platform by providing field test results to improve our software.

The changes documented in 2510305 will be the new technique needed to deploy an Agentry application (please review it before your next production deployment).  This is only true for SMP 3.0 SP12 PL09 and SMP 3.0 SP13 PL01 or higher (the number listed herein may change without due noticed – please check the documentation released in newer release notes).

Best Regards,

Mark Pe
SAP Platinum Support Engineer


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  • Hello Mark,

    I can see availability of SMP3.0 SP12 PL09 in service marketplace but not SMP3.0 SP13 PL01  (only SMP 3.0 SP13)

    Am i missing something?



    • Jitendra,

      It is not out yet. This article is to at least make the information known. Also SMP 3.0 SP13 is older than SMP 3.0 SP12 PL09 as far as I know (check the release date in the service marketplace).


      Mark Pe
      SAP Platinum Support Engineer