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What’s New in 1708 SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer – Analytics

1708 release is almost there. Below is a quick list of Analytics features that are added in this release.

Adjust and Personalize Table Column

The way data is shown in Analytics table has a standard format. Each column has a minimum width, depending on the number of columns and type of device this may change. We also have a standard logic when the horizontal scroll is shown.

Sometimes based on business need or preferences one may want to change this default behavior and would like to see the table in a specific format. E.g. you may want to see ‘Status’ column small while a bigger ‘Opportunity Name’ column.

So far system was providing you a way in which you could adjust columns. But this adjustment was not personalizable. It would only remain for the session.

In this release, we have enhanced this feature. You can now adjust the table column and personalize this setting. This setting can even be saved for SAP delivered views.

The action is available for both Key-user as well as End-user. Key user can define a format and share that with all the end users. However, End-user will have an option to override the column width and save his/her personalization.

Let’s look at how it works.

Work as Key User

Let’s say I logged into the system as a key user. Then I can open the view in Fiori Client from Business Analytics as below

Now as a key user I can adjust columns and save the view.

Work as End-User

When the end user will open the above view he/she will see the table as set by the key user. Now the end user can change this view and personalize the setting. The moment end user adjust column the additional option “Personalization” will appear under “Save” which can be used to personalize the table view.

If you are working on your own views then you can simply use “Save” or “Save As” to save the your settings.

The changes made on browser will be respected on devices.

Some point to Note:

Table column adjustment is not supported when Characteristics are added in Column

This feature is only available in Fiori Client.

Combination Chart

Combination chart combines the features of the column chart and the line chart. You can use columns and lines to represent different categorical groups in the same visualization.

Combination chart can be used for scenarios when the you want to show relationship between different data points using multiple visualizations in one chart. E.g. you may want to look at Expected Revenue as a column chart while Forecast can be shown as a line chart on top of these columns.

To create combination chart, you simply need to select combination chart as shown below:

Some point to Note:

Combination chart is only available in Fiori Client.

Combination chart can only be used when you have two key figures in a view. For scenarios where there is one of more than two KFs combination chart cannot be used.

Show Description

When looking at selections, sometimes just ID doesn’t provide enough details. One would like to look at the description to understand data restrictions. E.g. if your selection restrict data for Status ‘Z9’ you may not know what exactly does that mean. If you see ‘Open’ instead of ‘Z9’ you can understand your report better.

Now we provide you an option to look at descriptions of selection values in Fiori Client. What’s better is that you can personalize this setting and make it default for your selection. Thus, every time you open this selection you will only see description and not ID.

Show Technical ID

In case you have two fields with similar labels the only way to differentiate between them is to view technical ID. You can now display the technical ID for a selection field using ‘Show Technical ID’ icon.

This feature would be more useful for Key Users. This also helps while using OData service. You can easily look at technical ID of selection field to extent the OData query to pass filters.

Date Picker in Value Help

Value help for date fields is enhanced in Fiori client. You now have the Date Picker available to select absolute value for Date type fields.

Pagination for BW Integration

You can now apply pagination while extracting data from C4C to BW.  This helps to avoid memory dumps while extracting large amount of data.

To enable pagination, you must do the following:

  • Apply SAP Note Number 2346390 in your SAP Netweaver BW system.
  • Reactivate the communication arrangement in your SAP Hybris cloud for Customer system. To do this, navigate to Administrator > Communication Arrangements, select an arrangement, and click Reactivate. You can also access this from the Application and User Management work center.

Once enabled, the pagination method will be applied for all extractions from C4C to BW.

Some points to note:

Pagination is not supported for Join, Virtual, and Cloud type of Data Sources

ETL using the pagination method takes longer than the direct method.

You can revert to the direct method if you do not wish to extract data using the pagination method. Steps on how to do this are mentioned in SAP Note 2346390.


Hope you will find these features useful. Please write your comments on this blog. I would like to hear your feedback.




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      Former Member

      Everyone would like to look at the description to understand data restrictions. E.g. if your selection restrict data for Status ‘Z9’ you may not know what exactly does that mean. If you see ‘Open’ instead of ‘Z9’ you can understand your report better nintendo emulator international tracking australia postyoutube to mp3 converter online youtube converter to mp4 online

      Author's profile photo Pooja Bhalla
      Pooja Bhalla
      Blog Post Author

      Hi Rinki,

      You can enable show description in selection and save the setting. This will always show you the description.