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NOMINATIONS for 2018 Opened


Nominations close July 31 2018!


Thank you for considering a Developer Hero for 2018. Below is a list of previous winners and therefore by this years rules, cannot be considered again.

Take a moment to check the list below and if your nomination is not listed please return to the form and submit your nomination.

Remember you can nominate more than one Developer Hero for consideration, by returning to the form a number of times via the previous blog here

Year Name Recognition
2017 Damir Majer Building ABAP community
2017 Christian Drumm Building ABAP community
2017 Emanuele Ricci Actively supporting the UI5 community
2017 Enno Wulff Sharing knowledge with the developer community
2017 Fabian Lehmann Evangelizing SAP Cloud Platform
2017 Ingo Hilgefort Building innovative solutions
2017 José Nunes Supporting and mentoring developers
2017 Lars Hvam Petersen Creating ABAP open source projects
2017 Paul Modderman Inspiring innovations among developers
2017 Robert Russell Evangelizing SAP
2017 Wouter Lemaire Helping to build the SAP Web IDE community
2017 Fabio Pagoti Sharing SAP knowledge
2017 Michał Majer Sharing knowledge and building community
2017 Beata Mazalova Building and supporting the developer community
2017 Carolina Martinez Developing creative solutions
2017 Abdulbasıt Gülşen Sharing knowledge and building community
2017 Volker Buzek Pushing UI5 boundaries
2017 Marina Pontjakova Developing creative solutions
2017 Kinga Moska Building and supporting the developer community
2017 Tarun Bahal Creating innovative solutions
2016 Akhil Raj Azhikodan Next gen developer
2016 Alisdair Templeton Driving SAP custom coding
2016 Andrea Taylor Building community
2016 Andreas Bork Building community
2016 Anusha Choory Balaji Next gen smart data streaming developer
2016 Bruno Lucattelli Building community
2016 Chris Kernaghan Bringing developers together
2016 Ethan Jewet Connecting big data and organizations
2016 Florian Pfeffer Innovating on SAP HANA
2016 Jelena Perfiljeva Engaging communities
2016 Jitendra Sharma Teaching next gen developers
2016 John Patterson Pushing boundaries of UI5 development
2016 Ken Hawkins Driving SAP HCP integrations
2016 Kevin Flesher Next gen developer
2016 Lukasz Pegiel Contributing to ABAP and OS projects
2016 Markus Theilen Building community
2016 Michael Weisz Next gen developer
2016 Michał Korzeń Innovating on SAP HANA
2016 Peter Langner Promoting software developerment to futre
2016 Raquel Cunha Bringing developers and experts together
2016 Ricardo Lopez Supporting and enabling developers
2016 Robert Eijpe Building SAP Fiori apps
2016 Robert Seilbeck Innovating on SAP HANA
2016 Ronald Konijnenburg Building amazing SAP HANA & BI showcases
2016 Sascha Seegebarth Building community
2016 Sean Campbell Evangelizing UI5
2016 Simha Magal Teaching and evangelizing SAP
2016 Steve Rumsby Teaching and evangelizing SAP
2016 Suvajit Pal Creating actionable data visualizations
2016 Vibhor Gupta Next gen developer
2015 Martin Fischer Driving Developer Community/CodeJams
2015 Diego Dora Driving the Developer Community
2015 DJ Adams Evangelizing UI5
2015 Tobias Hermanns Winner, openSAP Build Your Own SAP Fiori App in the Cloud
2015 Bella Rae Next Generation Coder
2015 Chris Rae STEM & Next Gen Coders
2015 Bjorn Harzer Winner, openSAP Build Your Own SAP Fiori App in the Cloud
2015 Chris Paine HANA Distinguised Engineer
2015 Gareth Ryan NetWeaver and ABAP
2015 Stephen Lofthouse SAP Mentor & University Tutor
2015 Susan Keohan SAP Workflow
2015 Tim Champagne HANA Development
2015 Twan van den Broek Evangelizing SAP Technologies
2015 Graham Robinson UI5 and NetWeaver Gateway
2015 Jacob Tan Jia Wen Winner, openSAP Build Your Own SAP Fiori App in the Cloud
2015 James Wood Diving deep into HCP
2015 Jan Penninkhof Evangelizing SAP Technologies
2015 Jhon Jairo Teran SAP UI5
2015 Jitendra Kansal SAP Mobile
2015 Justin Molenaur HANA Advocate
2015 Michael Howles SAP Lumira & Design Studio Extensions
2015 Peter Mohr SAP Mobile Security & Management
2015 Sergio Guerrero HANA
2015 Sreehari Vasudevan Pillai SAP FIORI
2015 Tammy Powlas SAP Mentor & ASUG Volunteer
2015 Oscasr Savini Evans, Alexander Steiner, Bjorn Ternes Leander Berg YRS HANA Challenge Winners
2015 Ibrahim Soltan Student Developer
2015 Jaroslaw Zdanowski Student Developer
2014 Marlo Simon Evangelizing to developers
2014 Eduardo Chagas Engaging communities
2014 Julia Steier Creating IoT innovations
2014 Julia Lakatos Building Fiori and SAPIUI5 apps
2014 Ivan Femia Developing open source for ABAP
2014 Gregor Wolf Innovating custom development
2014 Martin Steinberg Coding ABAP in Eclipse
2014 Aron MacDonald Connecting SAP HANA and Hadoop
2014 Thorsten Franz Running ABAP on SAP HANA
2014 Kevin Small Gamifying with SAP HANA
2014 Santiago Janse, Lucia Subatin, Ivan Cernigoj Innovating on SAP HANA
2014 Darren Sulfridge Connecting SQL Anywhere with Raspberry Pi
2014 Tamas Szirtes Innovation with SAP HANA and OpenUI5
2014 ReviewNinja Driving open source at SAP
2014 Lucas Sparvieri Creating predictive apps
2014 Robin van het Hof Evangelizing OpenUI5
2014 Wenjun Zhou Creating sentiment apps
2014 Ravindra Channe Running SAP BW on HANA
2014 OpenUI5 Driving open source at SAP
2014 Raj Kumar Salla Modeling with SAP HANA
2014 Paul Aschmann Contributing open source
2014 Will Powell and Nic Doodson Creating amazing apps
2014 Jamie Tan Innovator on SAP HANA
2014 Fred Verheul Building community

Check out the Developer Heroes at each of our three SAP Teched’s this year via the banners, like the previous examples below…


Nominations close July 31 2018!


NOMINATIONS for 2018 Opened

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