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Saving money and spending less for more is the basic tenets of running a profitable business. But coming up with ways to significantly reduce costs without cutting into the delivery of quality is often the trickiest part of effective budgeting. This is to say that knowing what you can cut costs on without major losses in productivity is one of the key ways for a company to identify where it can save the most money.

So our question now becomes one of how we can identify the parts of our business which we can downsize and save on. If a division of a company can be downsized with negligible losses to productivity, it usually implies that such a division was functioning inefficiently, to begin with. Let’s take a look at some of the tools which your company can utilize to expedite this optimization process.

SAP SuccessFactors Workforce Planning and Analytics

Imagine being able to attach numbers and statistics in a quantitative perspective that captures all of the major divisions in your company. That’s the observational power that SuccessFactors’ Workforce Planning and Analytics can afford your company. This extensive suite of analytical tools will allow you to leverage data and trends in HR in order to facilitate lightning fast, accurate decision making. Being able to keep track of multiple teams and compare their effectiveness will allow you to pinpoint and resolve productivity lapses.

Credit Repair

This highlights one of the direct approaches to saving money that doesn’t involve major organizational shifts or overhauls. Simply being more cognizant of your business’ credit standing and scores will have a huge impact on when your business decides to make important investments and in the general scheme of business purchases as well. Credit Repair notes several ways in which your company can utilize a number of its professional resources to get the most out of your business credit accounts.

FireEye Network Security

Moving on in our exploration of the different types of approaches that you can take to minimizing costs, you can also take a preventative measure. That is you can invest some money in something – say security – in order to prevent a bigger cost to your business in the future like having sensitive data stolen by hackers. FireEye offers a number of advanced, state-of-the-art technological solutions to the most sophisticated hacking methods including security on multiple fronts, meticulous and real-time monitoring of your networks, and an adaptive security system based on historical victims.


If you thought that the importance of budgeting ended when you started a business, you would be dead wrong. In fact, budgeting takes on a much more important and significantly elevated role in business operations since most businesses live and die by their returns and profits. Knowing the numbers is key.

Budgyt is a handy tool that helps replace clunky spreadsheets and allows you to eliminate all of the avenues of error that arise from traditional budgeting and record-keeping methods. This allows your business to create budgets painlessly, smoothly, and efficiently.


Deciding who owns what is arguably one of the more important parts of the process of establishing a working company. Sorting out the appropriate amount of stocks and equity to start your company out with as well as who deserves what is something that a business should be incredibly clear on. Right now, issuing stocks and managing equity has never been easier with the introduction of CapShare. Capshare allows you to skip the tedium of spreadsheets and paperwork as well as reduce the risk of mistakes with its sleek, modern, and clear interface.


Energy is all the craze nowadays as recent developments and breakthroughs in energy technology become increasingly abundant. The presence of this technological boom in the renewable energy sector has begun to greatly decrease the cost of that renewable energy in comparison to more traditional energy sources like coal or oil. In order for your company to locate the best regional utilities that sponsor energy efficiency programs, EnergyStar is the best resource.

Google Analytics

Modern business has become more and more of a numbers game. For small businesses looking to refine their direction and achieve results in a faster, evidence based approach, Google Analytics is the key. Mia Vallo, the Senior Director of Marketing Analytics at National Geographic notes that: “Google’s analytics products helped us improve engagement by 33% and click-throughs by 21% for content promotions on our homepage.” Truly, Google Analytics is a key tool for any business looking to seriously advance and improve their online effectiveness.

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