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SAP S/4HANA 1709 – sneak preview

SAP S/4HANA Enterprise Management OnPremise version 1709 is awaited with eager eyes.

Reason – It is promising version with multiple changes and NEW innovations across Line of business (LOB)s.

With 1511 and 1610 versions of S/4HANA Enterprise Management, building blocks were laid down, with some CORE data-model changes, FIORI Analytical Applications, VDM’s starting of Integrated / Embedded Solutions.

With 1709 version, the journey strengthens it’s stack of Innovations, primarily in the new dimension technologies, supporting EDGE Usecases with IoT, Machine-Learning, Big Data Analytics to name a few.


Source SAP


With 1709, as SAP continues to consolidate the product-stack to  “One CORE” – (CRM as add-on, Commodity Management and so on),  the Innovations in Enterprise Management version are primarily based on EDGE technologies

This comes as big boost for “wait-and-watch” eyes, ( equally applicable to SAP’s Install based client as well as Implementation and Support partners ), who have been preparing for, planning for, wanted to understand, work-out usecases, business case for driving  the discussions on  “#DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION” and the “New Business Process”, New Business Models .

Source SAP


Also for those looking for Landscape Simplification and Consolidation, this version has certain features which forms as BASE for the journey ahead. (CRM as add-on, SAP for Industries, TM & EWM in Core is a Big-ticket item for many)

Source SAP


For those who are interested in L1 level Details of what’s expected in 1709, the NEW Innovations,  has already shared a crisp blog : S4HANA 1709 First Glance



My PoV on 1709 : Can we say we have reached MID-WAY of the Journey towards the product expected in end 2019 – ” THE Digital CORE” and the initial stages of journey and platform for  S/4HANA Suite of products (expected to be  launched year on year till 2025) ?


Well, It would be interesting to know


(1) How early adopters of SimpleFinance, ( the in-flight project,) are reacting to S/4HANA Enterprise Management – 1709 ?

(2) Small and medium business – what are their views on S/4HANA Cloud and On-Premise deployments? Their adapability for contineous change and appatite and adoption of NEW Innovations .


Looking forward to your views and suggestions.





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  • Hi Monika,

    Great overview.

    Do you know what is the SAP’s release strategy for customers already on S4HANA Finance 1605 on-premise ? What’s the next version they should be upgrading to ?




    • S/4HANA Enterprise Management On-Premise (contains both Finance and Logistics Innovations) Current version is 1610, the soon-to-be-released version is 1709 On-Premise.

      Companies who have adopted Finance-First approach will require to adopt Enterprise Management version - either thry System Conversion, or Landscape Transformation or New Implementation path.

      The path choosen will depend on Digital Transformation strategy and objective of Journey.

      As far as 1605 release is concerned, the support continues till 2021 or as per PAM updates


      • Hi Monika,

        Thanks for the prompt response.

        I do comprehend release strategy of SAP from the S/4HANA Enterprise Management version perspective. And believe that 1709 is Enterprise Management On-Premise version.

        However, ambiguity is from S/4HANA Finance (i.e. 1605) version perspective. What I understand from your response is that the clients who are currently on S/4HANA Finance1605, should adopt Enterprise Management version if they decide to upgrade from 1605 (finance version). There would be no S/4HANA Finance only solution moving forward from 1605 version?





        • Yes Samirbhai, 1605 is the LAST “Finance-Only” solution.  Clients who are currently on S/4HANA Finance1605, will have to adopt Enterprise Management version


  • Hi All,

    Any idea whether we are going to have RBA – location substitution will be available in S4 1709 Beta version ? Or any new functionality in S4 1709 version  from aATP perspective ?