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HCM Brazil eSocial: SOA Manager is coming


Are you curious to know more about SOA Manager?

SOA Manager will soon be a part of HCM Brazil eSocial. This technology is basically an integration component that will manage the communication between your company and the Brazilian government in regards to eSocial data.

You will be able to install the first version of the standard implementation to be integrated to the eSocial pre-production system in the first week of August, 2017. Until then, there are some important details that you should have in mind when it comes to applying SOA Manager in your company.

First of all, did you know that there are some prerequisites to apply SOA Manager? Each company should have its own digital certificate imported in its system before applying the SOA Manager. This can be done through transaction STRUST using both ssf application and ssl client values. To learn more about transaction STRUST, you can look for “Trust Manager” in the SAP Help Portal for SAP NetWeaver 7.3.

In addition to that, we are planning to deliver an SAP Note in the first week of August. Implementing this SAP Note will be also a requirement to make your system ready to operate with SOA Manager.

All steps and recommendations will be described in the SAP Note and in the documentation. It is important to highlight that delivery dates can vary due to development workflow.

I hope you enjoyed this post. Feel free to leave your feedback, comment or question in the space provided below.

Best regards,

Rosana Ernzen

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  • Hello, Rosana.

    When you talk:
    " Each company should have its own digital certification imported in its system before applying the SOA Manager."

    Is this a special certification? How can I know if my system has this certification?

    • Hi Moises,

      Thanks for your comment. Each company needs a digital certificate to generate and transmit eSocial events (XML files). SOA Manager is a component of SAP NetWeaver, therefore it is already delivered as a part of the system. In other words, SAP will deliver the configuration of SOA Manager for eSocial and you will need to have a digital certificate only to generate and transmit eSocial events. You can integrate certificates from models A1 or A3 in your system to do so. In order to have a certificate, you can contact certificate authorities.

  • Hi Former Member

    Many thanks for sharing!

    So for e-Social, all the communications for standard events will be handled by SOA Manager?

    This means there will be no SAP PI/PO involvement in e-Social at all, only SOA Manager (which is a WebDynpro ABAP application within ERP) - is that what you're saying?


    Rafael Vieira.

    • Hi Rafael,

      Thanks for your feedback. The eSocial was developed to be able to work with any of these messaging technologies. SOA Manager will be a part of eSocial, therefore when you apply eSocial, you will be applying SOA Manager content as well. SAP won’t deliver PI content for eSocial in the standard process. That is, each company should consider the cost of implementing this technology to communicate with the government as well as the integration of PI with the standard eSocial solution. When SAP started the implementation of eSocial in 2013, PI was the appropriate alternative in terms of messaging. Since then, we had many technological improvements and SOA Manager is now a great alternative to PI. Companies can choose which technology they are going to apply.

      • Hi Rosana,

        The information a have from a SAP Consultant is the SAP PI/PO Content for eSocial will be available in september. The companies that I have worked for are investing on having just one Integrated Solution using just one tool, they are using SAP PI/PO and avoid having more alternative solution using ABAP, file, RFC point to point, or any others solutions. The eletronic invoice is working in SAP PI, hundreds of Integrations are using SAP PI/PO. Why go the oposite way, if we can centralized all solutions and have a better controll and maintenance.

        Best Regards.

        Delano Militani.

        • Hi Delano,

          Thanks for your comment. We understand that you may have doubts when deciding which technology you are going to choose for your company. There are some important details that you should have in mind when making this decision, and here I list them:

          The main advantages of applying SOA Manager content:

          • When you install eSocial, you will already apply SOA Manager in your system as well. That is, the installation process will be easier, once SOA Manager content is integrated in eSocial solution.
          • SOA Manager has been successfully used by many companies in the United States as a solution for payroll tax declaration.
          • SAP developed and delivered SOA Manager content fully integrated with eSocial system.
          • You don’t need to perform any different procedure to apply SOA Manager content in your system, because the delivery was done in the standard format that you are already familiar with.

          The main points you should consider if you choose PI content:

          • SAP won’t deliver PI content in the standard format. In other words, you should consider the costs of applying PI communication interfaces with the government as well as the integration of these interfaces with the standard eSocial solution.
          • eSocial framework was designed to work with any of these messaging technologies – SOA Manager and PI –  with the lowest possible cost.
          • Since the XML files setting is totally covered by the eSocial standard solution, the messaging technology should be applied in a simple procedure. This means that you won’t have to worry about eSocial layout changes if you work with SOA Manager. However, PI will require some adjustments if these changes happen.

          As I said, when we started the development of eSocial, PI was a great messaging solution. Now we recommend that you choose SOA Manager content because it is our responsibility to provide you with the best technologies we have.

  • Olá boa tarde. Gentileza disponibilizar aqui ou por email a apresentação sobre SOA Manager feita pelo Leandro no Dia 01/08 – no SAP Localization Summit.

    Segue meu email


    Laércio Soares





    • Oi Laércio,

      Obrigada pelo comentário. Disponibilizamos o material das apresentações relativas ao eSocial no SAP Localization Summit 2017 neste post (


    Sobre os Certificados Digitais, onde posso descobrir que tipo de certificado deve ser usado para a comunicação SAP com o eSocial? É um certificado SSL comum, ou precisa ser um certificado semelhante ao que é emitido para emissão de NF?



    Rosana, gostaria de aproveitar contribuir com um informação que será muito útil para a parte de configuração.

    É importante que os parâmetros abaixo estejam configurados no profile do ambiente e a realização da atualização do sapcryptolib para a última versão disponível.

    Para ver a versão do sapcrytolib basta ir na strust \  Display SSF Version.

    Com a atualização da sapcryptolib deixa disponível o uso dos parâmetros abaixo.

    ccl / fips / enable = 1
    ssl / ciphersuites = 135: PFS: HIGH :: EC_P256: EC_HIGH
    ssl / client_ciphersuites = 150: PFS: HIGH :: EC_P256: EC_HIGH



    Daniel Irmes


  • Olá Rosana,


    O SOA Manager pode ser utilizado no TDF para o eSocial? Ou no TDF a comunicação com o governo deve ser realizado via PI?



    Rafael Fernandes

    • Oi Rafael,

      Obrigada pela pergunta.

      O TDF não implementa o SOA Manager para a comunicação com o governo. Portanto, a comunicação é feita via PI.