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Converting leads is one of the most painstaking processes of any sales or marketing team. After all, whether they’re coming from cold calling, your website, or even just door-to-door sales, the process can be a tedious affair, trying to find any reason for why you weren’t able to close the deal. However, maybe it’s not necessarily just the process, but the people behind it that are causing your business not to be able to convert.

Find a quality sales team can make or break any business. And with SuccessFactors, that process becomes much easier. Regardless of your strategy or the medium, SuccessFactors’ line of products can help you compile a squad that will not only convert leads but potentially make you some serious profit. Here’s how:

Death of The Sales Team

As most of us who’ve worked at least a day in sales would agree, it’s a tough gig to find success. Even still, the volatility of the position is still no excuse to most hiring managers, with the average turnover rate clocking in between 25-30%, according to a study by Harvard Business Review. And when you add in the factor that even by keeping overheads low by making sales positions commission-based (as American Progress notes) the average cost of turnover still ranges between 10-30% of total cost of an employee. In short, while sales teams have the potential to be the prime breadwinners of a business, they can also be one of the most costly to deal with. However, with SuccessFactors, you can drastically reduce these numbers tenfold.

By utilizing SuccessFactors’ talent scouting software, you can pinpoint the exact candidates that will be the most qualified to gaining leads. This includes implementing criteria as to what their previous sales records were, as well as compare it to the industry/market they were in. Additionally, you’ll be able to point out the type of knowledge base they hold to gauge how much of a fit in your industry they actually are. And while these qualifications can help set up a solid foundation, don’t be surprised at how much SuccessFactors can help you find those that might be overlooked by the competition.

Finding The Hidden Gems

The traditional sales team is changing the face, with many looking to other creative means as a way to bring in new customers. This includes anything from implementing a strategy that includes content marketing to bringing on someone that is a master of big data. The reason that these methodologies are so successful isn’t that they’re doing something different, but because they’re maximizing the number of inputs that they can track with much more consistency. And as we stated above about targeting the perfect candidate with SuccessFactors, this methodology could be beneficial to you as well.

One great thing about SuccessFactors is its ability to help you find and manage potential candidates that you otherwise might not have the best acumen for judging experience. For example, let’s say you’re looking for someone with a more digital-savvy side but can’t quite gauge the skill set you seek. With SuccessFactors, you can set up and analyze the types of talent pools you might need, as well as shop around for the right fit for your team.

Keeping It Consistent

Perhaps one of the hardest things in building an all-star sales team is the ability to find those that are consistent with their sales approach. In fact, according to a study compiled by Hubspot,  44% of sales people give up after one follow-up, yet 80% of sales require at least five follow-ups. While I’m sure we’ve all been in a position before where it felt like a lost cause to keep harping on a potential lead, the numbers don’t lie, which is why it’s important to find and track the quality of your sales team.

As we stated above, SuccessFactors can not only help you find the best candidates for the job but additionally can help track their progress using their talent development tool. This includes holding accountability for onboarding processes, as well as seeing how their sales goals are going. As converting leads is one of the most vital parts of keeping your business not just alive, but thriving, SuccessFactors will make developing a quality sales team easy. And when you factor in the amount of money and time saved in terms of turnover, as well as the opportunity lost, isn’t it time for you to be on your way to greener pastures?

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