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HTML5 video playback

Now you can easily access our KBA videos from mobile devices.

We recently introduced a new method of video playback for KBAs hosted on the SAP ONE Support Launchpad. The video playback has been changed to HTML5 which means that there is no separate embedded player required but instead, it is handled natively in the browser. The playback will work on all devices where an HTML5 compatible browser is available. As the SAP ONE Support Launchpad works with such browsers, every customer can enjoy this new feature moving forward. The video will automatically be resized to the browser resolution which ensures a much better user experience on mobile devices.

This is how the new playback looks on IE and Chrome:

Where are we at with regards to KM Videos?

  • In the first half of 2017, 34 KBAs with embedded videos were created.
  • 10 of these KBAs are Expert Webinar sessions, where the recording of the live presentation is provided as a video, so that additional customers can review it later.
  • Overall there are over 400 video KBAs available already.

Enjoy it!.

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  1. Jelena Perfiljeva

    Chusa, thanks for an update! It’s great to have this option and not dealing with any additional players seems like great news.


    I’ve just checked the note in your screenshot (link)  but am not hearing any sound in the video. Is it just silent?


    I’ve also had some problems with un-muting it first but then realized I had “play sound in web pages” switched off in the browser settings. I do that to prevent unexpected loud noises in the office (some pages just love to pop up the ads or start playing videos at once). But even after resolving that and reloading the page – can’t hear anything even though the sound is on in every possible place.


    Unrelated question – can the notes with videos be found by using [VIDEO] keyword? And are there any plans to add videos to some older KBAs?


    Thank you!

    1. Attila Kovacs


      Dear Jelena,

      we do not have audio for every videos. In fact only some of them has also audio part.

      If you look for “webinar”, than they have always audio inside. Here is also an example KBA where you here audio:


      Just a remark: notes do not have videos inside, only KBAs can have embedded videos.

      If you search for the [video], than you will get the KBAs with videos inside, if the keyword is in the sort text.

      Best regards, Attila

      1. Jelena Perfiljeva

        What is the fundamental technical difference between the note and KBA? From the customer side, they look pretty much the same in Launchpad.

        Wouldn’t it be beneficial to have a video in some notes too? For example, there were several notes delivered as a result of the recent Customer Connection project in SD. In the online meeting, the project team showed us some short demos (a minute or so) of how the functionality would actually look if implemented.

        But someone who has not seen those demos and only reads the description in the note and long list of manual changes might have difficulty visualizing how this would all work in the end. And whether going through all the manual activities will be worth their while. (And undoing this stuff can be extremely painful.) So I was actually going to email the project manager and inquire if they could add the demo videos to the notes. But now you’re saying it’s not feasible. Why?

        They say a picture is worth thousand words, so a video should be worth even more, shouldn’t it?

        Thank you.


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