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Want to know about the latest and greatest product updates and features enhancements of SAP Cloud Platform Integration? Then, our developer’s corner is your one stop shop!

Here, you will learn everything about the new features in SAP Cloud Platform Integration, focusing on usage with all the 5 W’s & 1 H answered – why do we need this feature, when and where should this be used, what problem is it solving, who can use this and how should this be used with common mistakes to be avoided. All this and more, described with real-life examples by our product team and developers who built it.

Also newly introduced to our Developer’s corner is a series of blogs from our Customer Success Team who work closely with SAP application teams for building their integration content as well as co-innovate with our customers are partners. Blogs from our customer success team will provide you insights on how complex and real integration use-cases can be achieved with the product.

This is an effort from our side to help our community users to be abreast with the monthly product enhancements and is complementary to our product documentation.

The section will features blogs covering enhancements in various aspects of the product like tooling, runtime, connectivity via the numerous adapters, B2B capabilities etc and will be regularly updated with the blogs on newer capabilities released.


Newer capabilities in the adapters to make it more secure and reliable.

How to setup a secure SFTP connection

How to use RFC adapter to execute remote function module on ABAP system

How to establish secure connectivity to on-premise mail server 

How to Setup Secure Outbound HTTP Connection using Keystore Monitor

How to Setup Secure Inbound HTTP Connection with Client Certificates

Configure Asynchronous Messaging with Retry Using JMS Adapter

How to configure Session Handling in Integration Flow 

How to provision Message Broker

How to configure Dead Letter Handling in JMS Adapter

Batch Operation in OData V2 Adapter

How to setup and use the Partner Directory

Partner Directory – Partner Dependent XML Structures and IDs

Secure connectivity with the cloud connector

How to develop your custom adapter

Partner Directory – Sender Partner Connecting with Client Certificate Authentication

Partner Directory – Partner Dependent User Credential Selection

Partner Directory – Mass Configuration

Know the JMS Resource and Size Limits

Checks in JMS Message Queue Monitor

How to configure Transaction Handling in Integration Flow

How to Perform Upsert Operation using SuccessFactors Soap Adapter (new!)

Batch Request with multiple operations on multiple entity sets support in OData Adapter (from Customer Success Team!)

How to send mail from Cloud Integration using the SAP Cloud Platform service “Live Link for IN365-Email” (new!)

How to Fetch Delta Record from SuccessFactors using SuccessFactors Soap Adapter (new!)


Developer Efficiency

Aid Integration Developers to address non-functional aspects like resource consumption, performance, and reliability.


To avoid Binding Variables in Groovy Scripts

Stream the XMLSlurper input in Groovy Scripts

How to Guard Against Huge Messages

Avoid Storing Payloads in the Message Processing Log


Enhancements to integration modeling in the web application.

Managing Integration Flow Resources

Externalizing parameters 

Message mapping simulation

Product Profiles

Behavior of new Splitter version

Message mapping support with multiple output functions

New and Improved web UI Integration flow editor

How to add resources to your Integration flow in the web UI

Versioning & migration of components of an Integration Flow 

Customized Scheduling for integrations

“Stop on Exception” for Iterating/General Splitter (new!)

Learn how to manage your integration flow “problems” (new!)

Operations and Monitoring

Enhancements to integration content monitoring, message monitoring and more.


Setting the Log Level for Message Processing

Audit Log in Web UI Monitor

Renewal of SAP owned keys in Keystore Monitor

Automated Notification of Keystore Entries Reaching Expiry

SAP Cloud Platform Integration SDK

Ability to build extensions using the developer kit.

Extension of runtime capabilities using Blueprint Metadata in Cloud Integration SDK


OData provisioning

Developing and managing OData services.


OData Service Project vs Integration Project: A comparison


B2B capabilities

Enhancements enabling B2B integration.

Update on B2B capabilities

B2B blog series- 1 : AS2 inbound scenario (new!)

B2B blog series- 2: AS2 scenario with message compression, signing and encryption (new!)


Empowering users to manage their own integration.


Keystore Monitor for Tenant Administrator

Backup and Restore of Keys and Certificates using Keystore Monitor



Introducing the CTS+ based Transport

Re-use of Cloud Integration content in Process Orchestration

Best practices and Overview(new!)

Enhancements in content deployment (new!)

Trouble shooting cloud integration content on Process Orchestration (new!)


Integration Content Advisor

Learn all about the Integration Content Advisor (new!)

You can also find some of our recommended best practices to develop and manage your integration content published here .

Hope you find this helpful to stay up-to-date and for developing and running your integration scenarios using SAP Cloud Platform Integration!!


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