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Success Factors Learning Management Solution – Integration ODATA Use Cases

This Blog Provides Functional Overview of the areas where SAP Success Factors provides possible integration with third party systems.

Managing Learning Assignments

  • Assign / Unassign Learning Courses to users
  • Assign/ Unassign Learning Items
  • Assign/ Unassign Learning Programs
  • Assign/ Unassign Curriculum Assignment
    • Separate webservice to assign a learning to a user as self or as supervisor.
    • Webservice to assign a learning to the user as Administrator.
    • There are two versions of above webservice V1 and V2 in some cases (V is Version)
    • V2 has more parameters
  • Get user’s learning plan
  • Get user’s learning history

Managing LMS Users

  • Search/ Add/ Modify users
  • Get Qualifications assigned to user

Managing User Enrollment and Assessments

  • Enroll resource into Scheduled offering as admin/ supervisor
  • Getting course roaster
  • Modify enrollment status
  • Getting Schedule offering as supervisor / Administrator
  • Marking attendance for user in courses as Instructor/ Administrator

Find Learning and Course Information

  • Search for learning item
  • Search Catalog (Based on rating/ Generic)
  • Search Curricula

Posting Learning Event To LMS

  • Post learning Event (supervisor/ employee/ Administrator)

Purchasing and Approvals

  • Get and post financial transaction


Link that helps with the parameters and technical details.

Link that helps around technical details of available learning API

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  • Can a student be enrolled into a scheduled offering that has a price via the OData APIs?  I keep getting an error message response that the "Scheduled Offering is associated with a price" and the enrollment is not recorded.  I can successfully enroll a student into a Scheduled Offering that has a 0 price.

    Hoping you can point me in the right direction to figure this out.  We are on 1708 Success Factors Learning.

  • Hi Rich


    1. What is the meaning of price using odata.
    2. I suggest you first update the price and then enroll.

    Ideally enrolling a candidate on course that ha no cost (not ZERO Cost) is not something I see possible.

    can you update the cost first and then send update for enrollment using odata.


    looking at above and few other documents i checked, enrollment seems to be possible on a course with cost only. cost can be 0 but not undefined.



  • Barin,

    I have used the document you referenced in the past.  I can get tokens and make API calls.  It was very helpful.

    In this case, the scheduled offering has a published price of 77 dollars.  If I enroll a student using the user interface I can pick a charge back account code as part of the enrollment and successfully enroll the student.

    I am trying to use the API to do the same enrollment.  The API I am using is learning/odatav4/public/admin/scheduledoffering-service/v1/Enrollments and posting the required values.

    When using that API to enroll a student into the class, I get an error message in the response. "Scheduled Offering is associated with a price”.

    If I change the published price of the scheduled offering to zero and then try again, the enrollment works.

    So it appears that either the API does not support enrolling in a scheduled offering that has a published price or there is additional setup to do in the system in order for the enrollment to be made with the API.

    I am very grateful for any knowledge you can share.


    • Hi Rich

      As you have used the API and you are getting the response message around enrollment I would go with you.

      Sorry for delayed response.



  • Follow up: I am told by an NS2 consultant that if the scheduled offering has a default price, the API cannot be used to enroll into that scheduled offering.  I am hoping to discover a work around to this but so far I have not found anything.

  • Dear Barin,

    Thanks for this blog. I am not able to open the above links mentioned for detailed information. Could you please update new link so that I can access the content ? I am not sure if this is problem at my end only.



    • Hi Puneet


      apologies, i am too now getting page not found error. I think I had just pasted the links that carried list of api for LMS.


      you can go to and search for the same as again posting a url may cause confusion.