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Protecting your employees is one of the most vital aspects of maintaining a happy and productive workplace. It shows that you care about operational procedures, and additionally, it shows that you genuinely want to see your team succeed and thrive in the future. However, a lot of firms might neglect this, which can be incredibly costly in the end.


According to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics, over 2.9 million were injured in 2015, and in 2013, injuries and illnesses cost employers over $250 billion. When you break it down, these numbers are pretty damning, especially considering that for some, one injury or incident could potentially mean shutting their doors for good. That’s why considering something like SuccessFactors to help with your recruiting, training, and onboarding practices could save you tremendously.


As one of the leaders in HR Capital Management, SuccessFactors can contribute to making your workforce one of the safest in the market by providing all the resources you need to manage operational processes.  And for most, this process starts from the top.


It Starts From The Top Down


Implementing an efficient system that both brings your employees up to speed on proper procedure and protocol is going to start from your core leadership group. This includes getting your board and management team together and talking through the common issues and roadblocks your business has potentially been facing. Additionally, it’s important to consider what could become an issue in the future, especially when looking at how much your business could scale.


With SuccessFactors, you can establish a system that not only is a great educational resource for the rules and regulations you put in place but additionally can be a way to relay new procedures as well. As your company grows, this will be particularly helpful in keeping everyone on the same page. And as most of us are aware, having a transparent model is going to create a more productive workplace.


Transparency Is Key


One of the biggest things that SuccessFactors can help out with is establishing a central hub for all training materials that are necessary. This includes things that should be standard, such as OSHA training and industry specific training as well (I.E.: ServSafe for the food industry). Additionally, by having a knowledge base at hand all employees can follow, it creates a system for which everyone to hold each other accountable. This can prevent injury and accidents, which as we stated above, can be an incredibly costly venture to go down.


Another important facet of transparency is creating a workplace that supports a genuine sense of happiness among employees.  After all, would you really want to work somewhere that’s hazardous or where your fellow peers are potentially participating in risky behavior? However, by encouraging employees to use SuccessFactors to train and learn, you won’t have to worry about employees leaving due to feeling unsafe or uncomfortable.


Keeping It Consistent Moving Forward


Perhaps one of the best aspects of utilizing SuccessFactors is creating onboarding procedures that can be used again and again, which will save both time and money in terms of training and recruiting. In fact, according to a 2007 study by the Wynhurst Group, 58% of new hires are more likely to be at a company three years later if they completed a structured onboarding process. And with how expensive turnover can be, the cost of establishing an excellent onboarding plan far exceeds the cost of continually hiring new employees.


It’s no secret that creating a workforce that’s safe, productive, and happy can be a tough task, but by utilizing SuccessFactors, you will be well on your way to establishing one. Especially when considering any one of the costs of turnover, potential employee injury, and even legal liability, creating a system that will combat all of that with proper training is vital. Plus, this will, by-and-large, create a better work environment for your employees, too.


Finally, one of the most underrated aspects of SuccessFactors is the talent management portion of the software, which, as your employees grow, enables you to track benchmarks and progress, and maintain employee engagement. Quite simply, you’re able to reward employees for being safe and working hard. And with how much your employees mean to you, don’t you want them to stick around for awhile?

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