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Introducing SAP Vora INteractive Education – Vora VINE

As a relatively new product, and a product that involves the new world of Hadoop and Big Data for many people, we have been spending a lot of time educating people about the ins and outs of Hadoop and the value that SAP Vora brings to the table.

As we have been sharing our knowledge, we have also been saving your feedback and using it to build various samples to illustrate the features and functionality of Vora. I am happy to say that we have built enough content to release it to github as a package, and have decided to call it “Vora Vine” for “Vora Interactive Education”.  If you are a Hana user, you might be familiar with Hana’s “Shine” education environment.  Like Shine, Vine is educational content designed to help you learn and develop solutions to your problems taking advantage of all of SAP Vora’s capabilities.

The Vine content is meant to be used as reference material when you are learning how to use the various Vora features, and attempts to provide some business context around those features to help you understand the best way to use them.

You can use your Vora installation or the any of the freely available Vora Developer editions to explore Vine content, which includes

  • Sample data
  • Sample SQL statements illustrating the variety of analyses available with Vora
  • Apache Zeppelin Notebooks that provide basic scenarios related to specific features of Vora

Instructions are provided on how to import the sample data and notebooks into your environment to enable you to get up and running with the samples quickly.

Moving into the future, we will continue to add content to Vine to reflect new features as they are added, as well as incorporating feedback from the content users. As a github project you are free to make requests and report issues related to Vine directly in the guthub environment.  We encourage any and all feedback to help us make Vine into a more useful Vora learning environment,

Happy coding!

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