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Creating and uploading corporate logo in SuccessFactors

Customers can themselves add a company logo to SuccessFactors so that it displays on the login page and other relevant headers within SuccessFactors. If you already see a company logo in SuccessFactors, your logo was posted as part of the implementation.

Part 1: Creating a corporate logo suitable for SuccessFactors

For optimal experience throughout SuccessFactors including the printing of reports, org charts, PDF documents, PRD, Forms, Certificate etc. please follow the guidelines below.

File Type:

->  *.png

->   *.gif

Do not use Animated Images. Not recommended to use *.bmp


-> Try to keep it < 10 KB


-> Maximum Width = 210 pixels

-> Maximum Height = 40 pixels

Do not quash below warning

Color mode:

-> RGB Mode – Standard 8‑bits-per-channel images with a range of 0 (black) to 255 (white) for each of the RGB (red, green, blue) components in a color image.


-> Transparent or glassy

Most corporations already have or can provide a basic logo, which can be tweaked to meet above requirements using free online image editing tools such as [OR] [OR] [OR]

Sample dummy logo:

Please use different logo’s  as shown below for individual SuccessFactors instances, using the same logo across instances could potentially create confusion and inadvertent mistakes especially when certain customers individuals involved in multiple instances during implementation or post go live, highly recommend logo uniqueness on each instance as its more conspicuous. Sample transparent logo’s shown.


Part 2: Methods to upload corporate logo into SuccessFactors

Please use ‘OneAdmin’ interface for below Admin Center navigations

Option 1 (Recommended): ‘Upload directly into SuccessFactors yourself’. This is the fastest and optimal option with no know-issues.


  1. Select “Admin Center” drop-down
  2. Click “Company & Settings”
  3. Click last option “Upload Company Logo”
  4. Click Browse button to locate and select the image.
  5. If the image is acceptable you will see a preview of it onscreen
  6. Click “Save”
  7. Log out & Log back in and you should now see your logo

Troubleshooting: If you do not see your logo.

  1. Log out of the SuccessFactors Application, and log back in. Your company logo should display, if not

Go to “Company & Settings” > Company System and Logo Settings > in the field: “URL of the Company Logo”. Confirm you see a URL similar to: XXXXXXXX


/companyLogoServlet/?companyId= XXXXXXXX

  1. If you do not see any value or a similar URL as shown above, try uploading your image again. If the URL still does not populate, please raise incident via One Support Launchpad
  2. If your URL is similar to above, but if you still don’t see logo: Logout of the application > clear your browser cache > close all browser tabs and web browsers. Log back in and you should now see your logo. If it still fails to display after waiting 20-30 minutes, please raise incident via One Support Launchpad

Option 2 (Subsequent option; use only when Option 1 has failed): ‘SuccessFactors Uploads Your Image’ in SuccessFactors hosted directory. Some performance issues observed


  1. Raise incident via One Support Launchpad attach your logo’s
  2. Support Engineer via incident will provide URL usually within 2 days
  3. Select “Admin Center” drop-downClick “Company & Settings”
  4. Click “Company & Settings”
  5. Click “Company System and Logo Settings”Paste URL under  “URL of the Company Logo”
  6. Paste URL under  “URL of the Company Logo”
  7. Click “Set Company Logo URL”

Option 3 (Not recommended): ‘Rendering logo from external locations via URL’. Major performance issues, retrieve delays, logo print failures, etc.


  1. Collect URL of externally hosted Company Logo refer to requirements from Part 1
  2. Select “Admin Center” drop-down
  3. Click “Company & Settings”
  4. Click “Company System and Logo Settings”
  5. Paste URL under  “URL of the Company Logo”
  6. Click “Set Company Logo URL”
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