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12 Basic Online Tools and Apps for Digital Marketers

12 Must Know Online Tools and Apps for Digital Marketers

Digital marketing can feel like a minefield as trends constantly change and nothing is ever truly finished – campaigns are only successful when they’re constantly updated, maintained, and adapted. The trends may change, SEO crawlers could change their criteria, or your competition could cause you to change strategy – the only thing that’s certain is that this is an ever-evolving area of industry. As a result, the best digital marketers use helpful tools and apps to stay on top of their game, and make sure they don’t miss a trick. It also means that they can spend more time on important work, rather than manually handling something that can be done automatically. The following 12 tools are essential for any successful digital marketer.

1. Headline Analyzer

When there are literally thousands of pages online for every single subject, you need to make sure that your website stands out. One of the best ways to do that is to have a catchy but informative headline. You can make sure that your headline includes key words, and is appealing to you potential clients. Without a good headline, your posts may be completely overlooked.

2. Mail Chimp

While a lot of digital marketing is high-tech and using current and modern social media platforms, there is still a lot of power in traditional email marketing. This tool offers amazing services, some of which are free, to create email marketing campaigns with a whole bunch of features.

3. Easy Word Count

Size matters in the digital era. There’s no escaping the fact that SEO crawlers promote content that is over 1000 words long, and that engagement on social media sky rockets when content is over 1500 words. The easiest way to monitor word count is with this tool, as not all posts will be written on a traditional word processor, so by using this you can write while on the go using any device.


4. Sniply

All digital marketing campaigns have one simple goal. Once you know what that goal is, all of your actions are aimed at achieving it. Solidifying that goal and making it simple and clear to your customers is best achieved with a call to action, and this tool makes creating a button for a call to action that you can place anywhere on your site.

5. Buffer

Buffer is a social media marketing app. It allows you to connect to all main different social media platforms, and you can schedule posts so that your social media activity is taken care of in advance. Plus, you can use this for a holistic view of social media marketing analytics.

6.Paper Fellows

This is a great content marketing tool that helps with writing amazing content. You can discuss writing techniques or ideas with professional and amateur writers in the forums, which is a great support network before you post anything online. This network can be invaluable when you have writers block or need some inspiration.

7. Hiver HQ

Hiver is great for a busy digital marketer who needs to be able to see what tasks have and haven’t been done by a team, share and assign emails, write notes to the team, and collaborate effectively.

8. Apester

A lot of digital marketing requires high levels of engagement from your audience. Interactive tools such as quizzes are awesome for engagement and thankfully, they’re no longer a headache to create, as this tool can put together custom interactive features for your site.

9. Contently

This is an awesome platform where you can find a qualified writer or editor for your posts. This is a particularly good tool for businesses as the whole site is set up towards online marketing, so their writers have specific knowledge of advertising and marketing.


As digital marketers are aware that presentation matters, having a handy tool to create attractive graphics for all kinds of features, from banners to business cards for your business. You no longer need to be an artist or a pro at photoshop to have an attractive website.

11. Big Assignments

This website is home to many writers and editors who can help create or correct your content, so you are guaranteed to have flawless content every time you post. You simply select the kind of service you want, and it will then be assigned to a professional so you have original and high quality content every single time.

12. Powtoon

While images are great, videos and cartoons can be even better for marketing, especially when they’re shared on social media such as Facebook or Twitter. Animated videos can be cute and effective, however with this tool they’re also very easy to make.


Digital marketing is not easy, however using the above tools and apps can make the job a lot more manageable, and help a digital marketer succeed at promoting their business way more than their competitors.





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