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We deliver the SAP Cloud Platform SDK for iOS as binary Swift frameworks. Unfortunately, up till today Swift frameworks are not binary compatible across Swift versions ( Within the same major Swift version, at least the source code hugely remains compatible, i.e. code that is compiling with Swift 3.0.1 should also compile with 3.1.

Xcode and Swift

Swift versions are tightly coupled to Xcode versions. E.g. Xcode 8.2 used the Swift 3.0.1 compiler, Xcode 8.3.x uses the Swift 3.1 compiler. Xcode 9 uses the Swift 4 compiler, but also supports a Swift 3.2 mode to ease the transition from Xcode 8. To make things more confusing, binaries compiled with the same Xcode 9 and Swift compiler do work across Swift 3.2 and Swift 4 (think of Swift 3.2 as a compatibility mode in Swift 4, not really a Swift 3.x language version).

SDK release versions

What this means for consumers of the SDK is that the Xcode version you’re using as a developer needs to match the Xcode version that we have used to produce the SDK. This is why we’re mentioning the Xcode version with each available download of the SDK.

On SAP Store, we post recent versions of the SDK at

On the SAP Marketplace, we have the full archive at (and search for ‘SAP Cloud Platform SDK for iOS’)

The versioning of the SDK itself follows SAP conventions; we have major version, service packs, and patches.

In the screenshots above, the most current SDK version is ‘1.0 SP02 PL02’ – version 1, service pack 2, patch level 2. The most recent patch for SP01 on the screenshot is ‘1.0 SP01 PL05’

Xcode and SDK beta versions

In order to support adopters of Xcode beta versions in the time between WWDC and September, we will also post builds of the current recent in-market SDK that are built with the current Xcode beta version.

We have just uploaded an SP02 PL02 build that works with Xcode 9 beta 2 to SAP Store.

UPDATE: we now support Xcode 9 beta 3

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