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38% of CFOs reported that their firm was currently outsourcing work in a recent survey. One of the results of a modern, globalizing economy is the increased practice of outsourcing and the use of remote workforces to reduce costs to a business’ operation. Outsourcing of software engineering and accounting work is a practice that’s becoming more and more common.


Interestingly enough, the tourism industry is also booming as a result of this increased interconnectivity that allows us access to modern resources through the expansion of our communications abilities to include more remote areas of the world. It just goes to show that our long-distance communication systems have grown to be much more reliable and robust in the past few decades.


One of the questions that most people might have with respect to outsourcing is whether or not an outsourced workforce can be as productive as a local workforce. In other words, does outsourcing cause any hiccups in performance? SuccessFactors has a variety of solutions that allow for the seamless integration and careful management of a remote workforce.


Social Collaboration Through the Cloud

SAP is breaking new territory with regard to social collaboration efforts. These software platforms help monitor workplace relationships and productivity over long distances. In particular, SAP Jam Collaboration offers a comprehensive suite of tools to help influence the development of a remote workplace dynamic. Jam Collaboration is a product that reduces information siloes and unifies a team to produce a number of positive effects:

  • Expedite your sales cycles
  • Increase your customer and employee engagement
  • Reduce training costs
  • Connect people through various enterprise systems
  • Structured and external collaboration processes
  • Social networking
  • Strong security and administrative capabilities embedded in software


The key theme behind Jam Collaboration is its ability to break down barriers between team members to allow your business to streamline the integration of all its employees and to leverage the full talent of those employees in a social or group setting. The software works by addressing the most frequent possibilities for miscommunication among team members working in a remote setup.


Creating Explicit Communications and Management Solutions

It’s also possible to use more basic platforms of SuccessFactors to successfully manage a remote team’s efforts. These solutions center on the HR capabilities that come with the SuccessFactors suite. SuccessFactors’ Employee Central features the ideal set of tools to design and structure your workforce in a constructive manner.


Employee Central offers your business the opportunity to create value-based relationships for each and every employee in your workforce in order to create a greater sense of cohesiveness and to raise productivity. The platform allows for business strategies to be shared across boundaries, structures the steps to success, and provides employees with a greater ability to engage in a communal setting. Let’s look at how SuccessFactors might address one common problem a remote workforce faces through Employee Central.


One of the most regular problems that might impact the productivity of a remote workforce is that they’re not actually in an office in person during their interaction with the rest of your team. The question for us becomes how to address the lack of interaction and integration of a remote workforce in comparison to the rest of the workforce. Using SuccessFactors Employee Central, you could aim to solve this problem by:

  • Establishing communications standards or protocols among a team
  • Creating a structured approach to employee success to help guide team members


On the first point, establishing a uniform expectation for communication among all employees can really help cooperation from remote employees who may simply end up missing important memos and other messages as a result of being physically distant. Employee Central can aid in the effort a company makes in promoting a workplace culture that is open to questions and frequent commentary which will help include remote workers in conversation.


The second point is related to reaching out to your remote employees and ensuring that they aren’t swept under the rug or neglected by accident. Employee Central plays a big role in laying the communications foundation between a leader and a remote team by allowing a manager to submit feedback like performance reviews and overseeing employee goals and productivity. Further, a manager can help regulate and gauge the morale and motivation of his employees by keeping in touch through video conferences and check-in calls.

A remote workforce requires a platform to assist the smooth and accurate communication between a manager and that workforce. Frequent communication ensures that a remote team knows what the expectations are and have a sense of how they are currently performing and how they can improve. SAP SuccessFactors is a key platform that can mediate this communications and HR effort for your business.

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