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With the business world getting increasingly competitive, it’s more important than ever to minimize mistakes. From effectively answering angry emails to drafting well-written apologies, rectifying errors is imperative to keeping customers and employees satisfied – which is key to any organization’s success.

Even better than fixing mistakes, however, is making sure that they don’t happen in the first place. This is especially true in HR, as demands from executive management, employees, and state and local ordinances can make what was once a simple process extremely complex. The stakes are high, as well; in areas like compliance, an HR misstep can create an organizational nightmare.

This is where SAP SuccessFactors comes in: through its systems, it helps businesses reduce the number of HR errors. Here are a few ways it does it.

Digitized Data

In HR areas like compensation, it’s extremely important to reduce HR errors. Think about it: if HR makes a mistake in paying employees, it can seriously damage employee satisfaction, as well as their ability to pay bills and make other important purchases. All of this can come together in a perfect storm, causing resentment towards the organization.

Unfortunately, many compensation tools like spreadsheets can be confusing and easily susceptible to human error. To keep the process streamlined and employees happy, a business must set up a flexible, standardized platform that minimizes the chances of an error occurring. One way to do this is by digitizing compensation information and automating time-tracking systems; in fact, using automated time-tracking can save over $1600 per employee.

The SuccessFactors Compensation solution does exactly that: through its compensation modeling software, it helps organizations digitally allocate budgets and model competitive pay for all employees. In this way, it allows little room for human error since it digitizes core HR, performance, and compensation data. As a result, there won’t be any missed “zeros” on a spreadsheet that can cause significant HR errors.

Reduced Complexity

Nowadays, more and more organizations are trying to clean up the complex business processes that leave their HR departments open to error – 92% of business executives rate organizational redesign as a priority. Instead of having multiple pathways to complete a task, they are cutting down on those extra steps that can trip people up. In other words, simplicity is quickly becoming the solution to many areas of HR error.

The reasoning behind this philosophy is simple: if processes are standardized, easily understandable, and don’t involve too many steps, it’s easier for HR employees to follow them without making any mistakes. It also frees up time for employees to devote to other tasks or come up with new ideas to benefit the organization.

The SuccessFactors Employee Central solution is a great way to simplify core processes to reduce room for human error. It provides HR with a thorough profile of each employee, as well as uses advanced analytics to provide insights about planning strategies. Even better, it’s all standardized: there’s just one system for all employees, regardless of office location or employee type. This allows HR to keep the process simple, navigating employee profiles without fear of errors caused by too many systems and databases.


Finally, the most effective HR offices regularly check over their data and processes to make sure that everything’s working correctly, which minimizes errors in the future. Being able to take a look at past work and identify issues is a great way to prevent those same issues from happening again. With most job seekers reading at least six employer reviews before deciding to apply for a job at a certain company, it’s important that “they don’t learn from their mistakes” doesn’t crop up on Glassdoor or Indeed.

To help with this, the SuccessFactors extension Accenture HR Audit and Compliance automatically checks data in SuccessFactors Employee Central against predefined, customizable criteria. It improves quality assurance through its quick audit reporting, which picks up on inconsistencies in important HR data. This way, it prevents repeating errors that can create significant problems for a business.

With the significant impact HR mistakes can have on a company, it’s extremely important that as many precautions as possible are taken to avoid them. Through some of SuccessFactors’ solutions and extensions, HR departments can minimize errors and preserve the success of the business. How can these solutions help iron out issues in your HR department?

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