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Hi all,

In this blog I will show how to do the ID Mapping for Integration for Employees, that is required in C4C implementations where Integration with ERP is in scope.

The basic idea is that C4C keeps an internal ascending ID list, which in our case starts with an “8” where in ERP side, every employee is considered as a Vendor, with Account Group Z007 so it starts with a “7“.

What we want, is to map these values so these system can communicate in the same language, understanding the same things, about the same person.

To do that, navigate to “APPLICATION & USER MANAGEMENT“, click on “ID MAPPING FOR INTEGRATION“, and then click on “Edit ID Mapping for Integration“.

In the upcoming screen, in the field “Mapping of:” select the “ERP Employees

In the “System Instance ID:” field, insert the corresponding system ID of your ERP system, and click on “Go

Then click on “ID Mapping from Microsoft Excel” and save the document locally.

When the Excel file opens, (you must have downloaded that Microsoft Excel Add-in from the Downloads area inside C4C) navigate to the “SAP HYBRIS CLOUD FOR CUSTOMER” tab, and click on “Logon“.

In the popup window, enter your credentials along with the URL of the tenant 

after a successful logon you should be able to see this icon saying “Log off

Then, click on cell C4 (next to Mapping of), press “Lookup” and in the popup window, click on “Search” with an empty value.

Same actions are needed for the “System Instance ID”  cell C5.

Once done, under the Local ID column, enter the C4C internal ID for the employee you want and in the next cell, the External ID as found inside ERP.

Once done, press the “Save Data to” and the popup window will inform you for the success or failure of the process.

If the process is done correctly, you see the message

If not, please comment here or contact me personally at



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  1. Former Member

    Hello Christoforos Verras

    Thank you for detailed explanation. I have loaded employees data by using standard  template now I would like to maintain the ID mapping for those employees but I am getting below error.


    Thank you,




  2. Haseeb Mirza



    Thank you for the blog. Is there a way to remove id mappings using the excel add-in. Keeping a blank entry is not helping as the system is expecting a value there.


    Thank you,


  3. Deborah Albrecht

    Hi Christoforos Verras,

    what to do if the “Lookup” feature is not working and there is no value help to chose from for the “Mapping Of” and “System Instance ID”?

    When the data is saved to C4C there is an error message saying the object reference was not defined for an object instance…

    Thank you, Deborah



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