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  1. Vadim Klimov

    Hi Martin,

    Thank you for sharing this development with the community – very impressive and well-considered work!

    Together with exploring feasibility of manipulation of dynamic attributes of the message from within the adapter module sequence execution, I was involved in a project, were we finally used that development in a practical way, given the requirement of using OAuth 2.0 authentication mechanisms when sending requests from PO to an external system (originally applying this enhancement to HTTP_AAE adapter, later on switching to REST adapter), which is another use case of setting additional HTTP header with dynamically determined header value. I’ve documented the approach here – but, I shall admit, the design and implementation is intended for low/medium volume scenarios with no involvement of any additional persistence layer on PO side, hence there is no OAuth key persistence in PO, and every processed message triggers acquisition of the access token without using token refreshment / invalidation techniques.

    Furthermore, I can evidence recent enhancements and improvements introduced in functionality of the REST adapter – for example, support of some OAuth 2.0 grant types for PI/PO release 7.5 (refer to SAP Note 2405166), so we may get some features from this area, that we currently have to develop as custom functions (like within custom adapter modules), being a part of SAP standard in the future. Having written so, I shall say that flexibility of your implementation definitely allows its wider application that goes beyond specific authentication framework / mechanism usage.



  2. David Pauley

    I have never added a module to PO 7.40.  Can explain how to deploy your module or point me to an example of how to do it?

    All help is appreciated.


  3. Kumaran Gunasekaran


    I know it’s pretty late since this blog was written, but I face an issue when I try to use this module in PI system. Could someone please advise whats wrong here?.

    I deployed the module using NWDS to my 7.4 system.

    My scenario is File -> PI -> REST.

    I have configured module tab as mentioned in this blog, but i received below mentioned error when tested.

    Exception caught by adapter framework: Cannot cast class com.sun.proxy.$Proxy3840 to interface (found matching interface loaded by, but needed loader


    Many thanks in advance.




  4. Manjunath Bannur

    Dear Martin,


    we got one business requirement where we need to call the JSON API in our ESS portal.

    we need to call the API using the authorization token generated run time dynamically.



    Update a member API end point in QA:{memberId}

    i am new to This topic.

    so kindly can u help me asap  with the complete solution step by step.






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