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Tasks in LMS

You have scheduled items. You have web based items. You even have a blended version of the two. And then there is the “other” classification. What’s it for? Do you even use it? I know many companies that have probably never even touched it. But it can actually add a lot of value to learning, and a great way to utilize “other” items is with tasks.

Tasks are something you observe a student doing that demonstrated some level of skill or knowledge. For example, a “task” might be correctly inspecting a forklift before use. The expectation is that the student would be demonstrating the ability to correctly inspect a forklift, all while an “observer” watches and verifies that the student is able to inspect the forklift.

In the system, tasks like the one above are created and then attached to “other” classified items. Multiple tasks can be added to a single item. The item is assigned to the student. The “observer” than observes the student performing the task and verifies within the system that the student can successfully complete the task. If the student is able to complete the number of tasks above the threshold set by the admin on the item.

Let’s walk through a scenario where the admin wants to set up task checklist for using a forklift. The admin wants three tasks attached to the item, the student must complete two out of three to pass, and the admin will assign the student an observer, rather than the student picking themselves.


Create the Tasks

Go to the admin portal and navigate to Learning>Tasks>Add New. Add an ID and description to your first new task. In our case, we used Forklift 1 as the ID and “Able to correctly inspect forklift before starting” as the description. Click “add” to create the task and continue with the two other tasks.

After we are done, we’ll have all of our tasks listed.


Create the item and add the tasks to it.

Next, you’ll want to create your item. Make sure when you create it to choose the “other” classification type. Once you’ve created the item, go to the “Tasks” menu selection under “Related” on the item. Press the green plus icon to search for and add your tasks.

After they are added, click on Task Checklist to modify the settings on the task item. First, enable the checklist, then uncheck User Can Request Observation, as we want the admin to assign the observer to the student. We put the threshold to pass at two tasks and set the completion and failure statuses.

After you are done – just assign the item like you would any other. It’s now in my to-do list with other items and with “observation pending” status”

Assign the Observer to the Student

To assign an observer for your student, navigate to Users>Tools>Assign Task Observers. Search for and add your items.

Once the item as been added, click Step 2.

Next, search for and add the observer (you can add multiple). Once you’ve searched for and added your observer, click Step 3

Now, add the student(s) that the observer needs to observe. Once all are added, click “Review”.

If everything looks good on the review page, click “Send Observation Request”.


Observe the Student

The observer will now have the item in their to-do list to observe the student. They would click “Open Observation” to access their check-list.

Once opened, the observe can mark off each task as successful or unsuccessful, provide comments on each task, provide comments on the overall performance of the student, and record learning as completed or failed. Note that the completed button is only activated after the threshold task number is reached.


After “record completion” is clicked, the learning event is completed and recorded and placed in the student’s learning history.

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      Former Member

      We've been trying to set up tasks within our system.  The observer can see the tasks that are required but the trainee cannot.  How does the trainee see the list of task that he/she needs to work towards to complete an assignment?

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      Former Member
      Blog Post Author

      Great question Brent - unfortunately the tasks themselves are now show towards the trainee. The best work around to this is to outline the tasks in the description of the item.

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      Former Member

      In addition to the tasks not being visible to the trainee, we have been unable to work out how or where the completed checklist is stored for later reference.  The observer completes comments against each item on the checklist, but only the summary comments are visible on the item completion record, so there seems little point of them making the comments in the first place if they cannot be referenced later by the observer, trainee or admin.

      We are a regulated industry and would like to use task checklists for competence assurance purposes, but need an accessible record of the process, not just the outcome, for external audit purposes.  Unless we are missing something, we would therefore need the observer to complete and upload a document as well as completing the checklist in the system.   This both duplicates work and seems very clumsy for all concerned.

      Checklists seem to be a great feature and the mobile functionality makes this even more the case, but it looks like three is still a lot of development work needed to optimise their use as a flexible and intuitive tool for the end users in the business.

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      Alice Festas

      Hello everyone,

      Is it possible to have a rating scale to evaluate the performance of the task instead of having just "green"/"red"?

      Best regards