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SAP Teched 2017 – Personas in SAP GUI – It is possible!


SAPTeched!!!  Let that set in for a moment..

I will go to a lot of trouble to get there.  I may even stand on my head.  Trust me, you don’t want to see that.    I absolutely, positively, without a doubt, LOVE going Teched.    It is a Disneyland for SAP techie people.   A conference all our own.   YES!  Fist pump.

I do encourage anyone and everyone to go there.   You will learn so much your head may pop every evening!   I don’t lie.   They stuff a lot of things into one day.

I love Teched – you’ll read that too much in this blog.   I also love to share.   So I started thinking in my head what could I talk about at Teched.   What did I know?  Then I took an on-line FREE openSAP class on Personas.   And I thought, I can do this with SAP GUI.   I can do the next thing with SAP GUI.   So an idea was born.   I was excited I had to share this information!  But how?  Aha a submission for the session at SAP.  Then I forgot about it.

Time passes, projects continued, and more time passes…

Then one day,  I received e-mail telling me that it was accepted! The joy!   I could share something on SAP GUI that maybe other people didn’t know or had forgotten!   How amazing!   That lasted only a couple of minutes.   Then there came the reality.  I began to get a sinking feeling.   My boss, I had to ask even though I knew we had large upcoming projects.   But he surprised me.   He does that a lot.  He said yes!  Then he said keep the cell phone on you and carry your laptop. I am now ready for anything!  The phone will be set to vibrate.  He pushed it through with the big bosses, so I can go!  Just think, you too could convince your boss, because we are so VERY accessible.   “It would be like you were at work”.   MMMMmmm… maybe too easily accessible.

So on to the session DX133 information!

DX133 – Personas or Not Really Personas: Old Version Trick to Create a Nice Layout

I’m rubbing my hands together with an evil look on my face.    This session is for people that would like to learn about what they can do with straight “old” SAP.   No WebDynro, No Fiori, No SAPUI5, and No HANA!!!!   OK so all of that is awesome, but not what this session is about.   This session is meant for a beginner to intermediate person who would like to learn some tricks to create a nice  or nicer  than before layout in SAP GUI.  You might even explain to the user what they can do without even programming!!!!

In this session you will learn: blah, blah, blah.  It will be in the session list.   But for those of you who don’t want to sift through that – that would be me some of the times.

Briefly the session will show you:

  1. Scripting or automating key strokes in screens
  2. Removing fields from screens
  3. Transaction variants
  4. and more!  I like that, it means you have to come to the session to figure out what else it will have in it.

This course is for you if you just want to do something immediately with your SAP GUI at home.   Did I say I LOVE SAPTeched?   I know you’ve read that somewhere before.    I LOVE it even more when just one person lets me know they learned some at the session DX133.  I live for the feedback.  So please do leave some.  Negative or positive, it helps.

There is an incentive to bring you friend with you.  The more people that come to this session – the more interesting it can become.   This is one of those sessions where the  questions can be asked throughout the presentation.   I usually learn something from the sessions. Woohoo!   What a great benefit.  Strange – Win / Win comes to mind.

You’ll have to come to see what I’m talking about what more the DX133 session will help you learn.   There I’ve typed DX133 more than three times.  If you don’t remember DX133  just remember my last name!  Enough said.

Also sometimes they change the session number.   So you may have to dig a little to find this one.

But how do you get there?

How to get to session DX133

Note – Storyboard Template – This template was created by Build.   And free pictures found around on the internet.   A small secret I can not draw.  

Another thing to  note:   Build is an amazing tool.   Free to use, easy to use, and you can Build great prototypes there.  OK so two sales pitches for the price of one.   Now I’m pitching for the Build site.  Crazy as I’m not an SAP employee.  I’m shaking my head again at myself.  I do that a lot!

The End!

And with that – I’ll end my too long post!  If you see me running around frantically trying to get to all the sessions I want.   Feel Free to stop me.   My photo will be with in the “speaker list” – I believe.    It will be an older photo.  But I might take another one – If I get enough comments on this blog that say I should.  Otherwise, I will be one of the many running around looking frantically for that next session.  Feel free to stop me and chat with me.   I would love it!       MMMMMmmmmm…   Maybe I’ll run around with a tag that says Michelle.   Nope thought about that for 2 second and decided not to do it.

Enjoy Teched – I know I will be!

And the blog did end.   Then I wrote one about myself – it really should tie into this one.   If your interested – take a look!  ( Matt Fraser  pointed out my other blog really didn’t say much about my session, but it did say a lot about me.   He was right – so my trying to link the two together a bit!

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      Author's profile photo Tammy Powlas
      Tammy Powlas

      New picture yes, and thank you for your blog.

      I love your BUILD story - I can't wait to see you again....

      Come back and blog again - you are missed 🙂

      Author's profile photo Michelle Crapo
      Michelle Crapo
      Blog Post Author

      Thank you!

      Author's profile photo Gali Kling Schneider
      Gali Kling Schneider

      +1 Tammy that Michelle is missed and should blog more! Also I love reading Michelle's passion for TechEd 🙂

      Author's profile photo Michelle Crapo
      Michelle Crapo
      Blog Post Author

      Thank you!

      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Thanks Michelle for the nice blog. I love reading your blogs!!

      Author's profile photo Michelle Crapo
      Michelle Crapo
      Blog Post Author

      Thank you!   I have a smile on my face.

      Author's profile photo Mynyna Chau
      Mynyna Chau

      Wow! you just gotta love TechEd after this blog! Looking forward to your next blog to get infected by your love and drive! 🙂

      Author's profile photo Michelle Crapo
      Michelle Crapo
      Blog Post Author

      Hi Mynya,

      YES! YES! YES!   Get infected with the excitement we all call SAP Teched.

      I hope I do make people at least interesting in the event.   I truly love it.    It's so much fun.


      Author's profile photo Debra Curtis-Magley
      Debra Curtis-Magley

      Wow! What a fun blog to read. Your enthusiasm is infectious. As an SAP employee, it's so helpful to hear the ideas and observations from our community. Thanks for sharing. I hope you get tons of attendees at your session:)