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SAP C4C Service Ticket Offline material Pricing

I am writing this blog to talk about my experience with enabling SAP C4C service ticket offline pricing. One of the many use cases that customers have is that Tech Reps visit sites where they get no reception, or wifi, and they still need to know the base price, or material price to quote the customer, and get their signature, with a caution, that final price, with taxes etc will be invoiced later. In 1611, one of the hidden features that came out was offline pricing enablement for service tickets. It will be general availability come 1708, and extended to sales orders and quotes as well.

I am listing down some of the work that needs to be done to enable offline pricing, and not the complete/exhaustive list of tasks.


Pricing customization download from ERP

Execute the program – RCOD_PRC_CUST_EXTRACT_TO_EXCEL to download the procedure and customizing to an excel, and save it locally. It is available for CODERINT 6.0 SP26 and above

Clear excel of blank rows and unwanted customizing. Upload only needed condition records, access sequence etc to save computing time offline, and affecting performance

Customizing upload via Excel

Only below fields are supported for field mapping



Sales Org

Dist Ch


Other fields are added constantly, on an EP/release basis.


Upload pricing to C4C

Assumption – you have scoped in offline pricing for service tickets

Once you have uploaded, you can track the progress via monitor.

Finally, once loaded, you can see the condition types, access sequence, tables etc loaded in C4C. you cannot manually change them. Only way to change is via excel.

Make the rules to determine which ticket type gets which pricing procedure, based on business rules, and activate the rules.

Codelist mapping

Codelist mapping is needed as detailed in the pricing guide for offline setup. This is just one of the steps we had to do in C4C for codelist mapping.



PI changes

PI changes are needed, and are detailed in the offline price setup guide.

Example of offline price

ERP price is 50$ for example.


C4C offline price facet

New facet is available for offline pricing called “Prices”. This facet is only available in HTML5 as of now, but is on roadmap to being available in RUI as well. It will reflect the conditions you have downloaded from ERP.

you can see the offline price in a ticket in offline mode, as estimated price


Another visual for offline pricing for van stock in offline ticket –

Offline pricing vs Online pricing – Penny perfect pricing

We have come across scenarios where same material can exhibit different price for same condition record in offline vs online. Reason in our case was the group condition indicator, which is honored in online calculation from ERP, but not in offline. So, please read offline pricing limitations carefully to understand why variance exists if any in your situation.

Offline pricing is much leaner, as it is stored on the device, and based on qty, it will calculate it.

Download to device

Condition records can be downloaded to the device, based on offline settings for dependent data. For example, if the tech has access to use a product as van stock, or any item in general in offline mode, based on product rules, pricing gets auto downloaded.

Some of the limitations are listed below for offline pricing

No formulae (value/base) supported yet

No requirements supported yet

Group condition processing

User exits

Structure conditions



Hopefully this will help in consultants/colleagues with offline pricing enablement in future projects. Please revisit the blog, as I will update the blog with new URLs and learnings.

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