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Export to Plunker – SAP Web IDE Feature

Got stuck during your UI5 development?

Would like assistance from the community?

You’ll probably need to share a piece of your code.

Using the SAP Web IDE Export to Plunker feature UI5 developers that use SAP Web IDE will be able to export their projects to Plunker with only a few clicks!


Use the Plunker SAP Web IDE Feature to ask your question on the SAP Community

In today’s agile development environment, raising questions to the community and sharing code is a standard practice. You can use JSBin, Plunker or other tools to share your code. For using these tools, you’ll have to copy and paste your code. This takes time and can result in errors!!


With the Plunker SAP Web IDE Feature it only takes a few seconds to export your code to Plunker! You’ll even get a preview!


From now on, use this Plugin to share your code when asking questions in the community!


Just for your information, why Plunker? In Plunker you can create multiple files so you don’t have to put everything in one file.


How it works

You don’t need a Plunker account, you can just use it as a guest.

Enable pop-ups:


Right click on your UI5 project and click on “Export to Plunker”.

It must contain a folder “webapp”. The feature will search for this folder and only export the files from that folder. If there is no “webapp” folder, the menu item “Export to Plunker” will be disabled.



Then you’ll get a notification that the plunk generated successfully and it will open in a new tab:



In the new tab you’ll see your plunk!

As you can see, it exported all the files from the “webapp” folder:

The feature will automatically replace the source to the SAPUI5 SDK to the online SDK version. Otherwise it will not work.

How to get it

Create a destination in the SAP Cloud Cockpit

Description=Export to Plunker


Go to the SAP Web IDE –> Settings –> Features

Enable the Feature:

Click “save” (which also refreshes the SAP Web IDE) and you’re done!


Hope you’ll like this feature! Please start using it 🙂


Best regards,



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