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Hello all,
I am really a newbie to Cloud for Customer world and this is my first blog, very simple but I hope it can help some other newbies just the same as me.
I have been working as an application developer in SAP CRM for 5 years, and in CRM we have dedicated work center to create web service based on CRM standard business object.
Just a quick glance at the modeling UI in CRM.
and now I have to do the same in C4C, let’s say I would like to query C4C Opportunity transaction data in my custom application using standard web service provided in C4C. In order to test this consumption, I choose SoapUI.
Here below is detailed step by step screenshot.
1. Go to workcenter Administrator, then Input and Output management->Service Explorer, you can get a list of all standard inbound services here.
Download the WSDL for later use.
If you are working in 1605, you can find a list of all standard web services from SAP help:
Since I would like to query Opportunity data, I choose QueryOpportunityIn, and click “Show full documentation”:
The documentation tells me how to fill the request detail in SoapUI.
2. Download and install SoapUI. Create a new SOAP project by loading the WSDL downloaded from previous step.
Suppose I would like to retrieve this opportunity data in my C4C system by querying its id:
You can find its ID from backend table: OPPT_ROOT.
( Of source this example might not make much sense from business perspective as in real world we tend to use other criteria like customer name to query Opportunity )
Paste the following xml source code in request view to query on Opportunity 15360.
<soapenv:Envelope xmlns:soapenv="" xmlns:glob="" xmlns:zzz="">
            <!--Zero or more repetitions:-->

Execute this request, I meet with error message: 401 Unauthorized.
Then I manually maintained my business user and password in request property view:
You might also need to maintain proxy setting for SoapUI according to your network landscape.
Once you have finished all such settings, execute request again and now you can see response as expected:
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  1. Changjian Hua

    Hi Jerry,

    It is a great job.I want to know how to enhance the fiori applications on the SAP Business ByDesign or SAP Cloud for Customer, thank you very much!



    Best Regard


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