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Return STO (Stock Transfer Order) – Business Process with Batch split and Delivery note


Stock movement can happen between plant to plant with different company code which we refer as Inter company STO (Stock transfer order). Return can take place from receiving plant to supply plant due to the various reasons (e.g. – product defect, damage etc.) This document will help on how to setup the return process with the business process.


Business Process: (Returning from plant A to plant B)

  1. Returning plant “A” should create a return PO by checking the return field on line
  2. Change the delivery address to plant “B”, so that it will print the Ship-to address (plant “B”).
  3. Update Header text with details like old PO # and batch # returning if it’s a batch managed.
  4. Print the PO, it will print the Header text with the PO and batch number.
  5. Send this PO print out with the materials.
  6. DO the GR for this PO – this will place the stock in-transit.
  7. The nightly batch job will create the delivery (with delivery note).
  8. When plant “B” receives the product, they can open the PO via ME23N and will find the delivery number in “Purchasing Order History” tab.
  9. Take the delivery number, go to VL02N and receive the product by entering the batch number from the PO print out or from the PO header text.
  10. Optional – at this stage, you can print the Delivery note to view the batch number.
  11. DO the PGR, the stock will be placed in Plant “B”.

Return Stock Transfer Order (Inter Company)

ME21N: Create STO with the following changes:

  1. Click on Text to enter detail under “Header Text” – Here mention original PO number and if the material is batch managed then enter the Batch details. It will print in the PO.
  2. Check the Return indicator
  3. Change the delivery address to Receiving plant Address(Plant “B”).

The printout will show (need to setup output determination) the receiving address and Batch details with the original PO number.

MMBE: Stock before GR:

MIGO – Goods receipt will post with movement type 161 for return STO.

Note: Can be receive more than once if you have multiple batches. Issued 3 for batch 2151.

Issued another 2 for batch 8151:

MMBE: Reduced stock 2 from Batch 8151 and 3 from batch 2151.

Purchase order shows the GR’s with Mvt. Type 161.

MB5T: Stock shows in stock-in-transit.

VL10B: Delivery for return STO is created (setup this as batch job)

Enter PO number and Execute:

Shows the Delivery number:

It also created a Delivery Note: Need to setup output determination for delivery note. This can be used to write the batch number. Though I prefer to write in the PO header text.

MMBE: Stock overview for receiving plant “B”

VL02N: Post Goods Receipt is done with batch split.

Next screen: click on Picking and then Batch Split.

Enter Batch numbers which were returned and click on Post Goods Receipt.

MMBE: Stock returned to plant “B” for each batch.

Note: Delivery note can be re-printed to view the received batch numbers.

Following configuration needs to be done:

Inter Company Config Path:

LE -> Shipping -> Deliveries -> Define Item Categories for Deliveries

Intra Company:

Assign delivery type:

Inter Company Config path:

MM-> Purchasing -> Purchase Order -> Returns Order -> Return to Vendor

Intra Company Config Path:

MM -> Purchasing -> Purchase Order -> Returns Order -> Store Return / Return Plant to Plant

LE -> Shipping -> Deliveries -> Define Item Category Determination in Deliveries

Update with item usage CHSP for the batch split.



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