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Code Snippet Series: Case Insensitive Table Query

This post is part of a series on code snippets. The complete list of posts in the series is available in the document Code Snippets: A Blog Series.

The ability to query case-sensitive data in a case-insensitive way is a frequent request from both business owners user groups. Examples include searching for a surname “McDonough” or an equipment model “F123b-A”. Users may not know the correct capitalization and a caps-only field may not be available in the database table.

Case-insensitive comparison is possible in Open SQL with the release of SAP_BASIS 751. On older releases, we can use native SQL to perform a case-insensitive query of any database table.

      EXEC SQL.
        SELECT equnr
               FROM equi
               INTO :the_equnr
               WHERE UPPER(herst) = :an_uppercase_herst
               AND   UPPER(serge) = :an_uppercase_serge
               AND   UPPER(typbz) = :an_uppercase_typbz
    CATCH cx_sy_native_sql_error .
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