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How to connect Microsoft PowerBI Desktop 2.6 to Vora Thriftserver

Please note that Vora is not certified on Microsoft PowerBI. The instructions below are for reference only and are not supported by SAP.

  1. Download and install Simba Spark ODBC driver from


  1. Open the ODBC Data Source Administration for 64bit drivers and add the Simba ODBC driver
  2. Enter the hostname of where the Vora Thriftserver service is running. The default port is 19123 unless it has been overridden in the Vora-Manager UI.
  3. Authenticate with “Username” only and leave the username field blank
  4. In Advanced Options set checkmark “Get Tables With Query”
  5. In Server Side Properties add the key-value pair:
  6. In Microsoft PowerBI select “Get data” -> ODBC driver
  7. From the dropdown list select the ODBC driver that was added in step 2
  8. Expand the hierarchy ODBC -> Spark -> Default

Please note: In order for Vora in-memory tables to be visible they must first be registered using the command REGISTER TABLE <tableName> using via Vora Tools or Beeline

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