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Hello everyone ūüôā
Hope you are enjoying using SAP Hybris C4C.The idea of this blog post is to cover the most frequently asked questions concerning the Social Media Channels. Feel free to consult this document whenever you need to.
1. Should I use the same APP ID for all my channels?
It is advisable to use the same APP ID for all channels you have for the specific integration you have. Facebook or Twitter, for instance. This avoids duplicated records. You can collect the APP ID and APP Secret within each social media developer website.
2. Is there any side effect of using same APP ID for all channels?
Yes, there is a limit of messages each Channel (APP ID) can handle. Having too many channels with the same APP ID might give issues with exceeded limit of messages. The limit is on social media channel (e.g Facebook) side. Not SAP’s. Facebook per example can handle 600 messages every 6 minutes.
3. What are the Social Media Types present in C4C?
At the moment (1705 release). You can integrate C4C with Facebook,Twitter,Instagram(Sprinklr) and Youtube.
4.What access do the user need to setup the channel?
To set up the Channel, user needs to have developer access. To connect channel with C4C, the user needs admin access to the fan page. Twitter requires one user per page whereas Facebook allows the same user to manage many pages.
5.How can I use Direct messages with Facebook?
Direct messages must be scoped, following the below steps:
  1. Open the Business Configuration work center
  2. Select Implementation Project view.
  3. Click New to create a new project.
  4. Go to Review Questions step.
  5. Select All Elements in the drop-down list.
  6. Expand Service then Customer Care and open Service Request Management.
  7. Check the option Do you want to support direct messages for Facebook channels?.
  8. Click Next and then click Yes followed by Next. Finally click on Finish.

7.What is the recommended log level to be used during the channel setup?

On Channel Setup, it is advisable to set the Log Level as None (it is not recommended to use detail, as this can cause performance issues depending on the quantity of messages being handled). In case the logs are needed, the Log Level can be changed afterwards to analyze the case. Even with None set, the system will show you the error messages, but not further details.

8.What is the purpose of the field Completed ticket after?

The field is used to set the maximum time for the ticket being closed automatically after the last interaction with the customer.

9.What is the purpose of the field ticket type?

This fields defines what kind of ticket will be created from the channel.

10.What is the purpose of the Direct Messages field?

The field defines what will happen when you receive a DM for the configured channel. You can set the system to add it to a Completed Ticket, Open Ticket or not add it at all. If no tickets are there with the criteria, a new one will be created.
11.What does happens in case the admin of the Facebook page changes?
In case the Admin changes, the channel needs to be re-authenticate. Same ID and Secret should be used for the channel.
12.How to check the Facebook alerts?
To check the alerts on the Facebook page you go to: >my apps > open the app > alerts.
13.Can I reopen a closed ticket via social media post?
Closed Tickets will not be re-opened even from social media posts. A new ticket would be created, most likely
14. What should I do in case I receive the message Social Media Provider is missing?

In order to solve the issue Social Media Provider id Missing please follow the steps below.

Choose a Channel Type: Select your channel source in field ‘Choose a Source’ (e.g. Public Twitter API)

  1. Connect with Channel: Connect with a Social Media Channel – you will need your Twitter account info for this authentication step.
  2. Setup Accounts: Get your Twitter account.

Now you will be able to set up  the new channel without any error.

15. You are receiving a frequent error notification from import run of all the social media channels (Twitter/Facebook). The Channels are not blocked but pattern of runs are inconsistent for all the channels. What is happening?

The error message is triggered by Facebook/Twitter to indicate the API service is temporarily not available.The import runs will import all the messages/posts once the social media (Facebook/Twitter) API service is available.

16. How Can I delete a social media channel?
It is not possible to delete Social Media Channels as it may cause data inconsistency in the system backend in the future. You can Deactivate the Channel by unchecking the Active box.
17. The import Run created for Facebook stays in In Process status and does not get finished, what is happening?

The problem is related to the amount of data that the Import Run is trying to extract, which is in turn connected to the start date set in the Import Run.

Cloud for Customer (C4C) is designed to support engagement, and is therefore optimized to extract a limited number of messages per import run. We recommend you set the start date of the import run to max 2-3 days in the past.

Steps to solve the problem:

  1. Go to the Administrator work center
  2. Go to the Service and Social view.
  3. Select Social Media Channels.
  4. Select and open ABC (ABC represents the channel ID).
  5. Edit Run Import From date and change it to max 2-3 days in the past.
  6. Save your changes.
  7. Choose Create Run and execute it.
18. Employee Work Distribution Rule is not working when Tickets are created via Social Media Channel and Email

The¬†Social Media¬†and Email channel Id’s¬†are either maintained incorrectly or not maintained in Employee Work Distribution.

Steps to solve the problem:

Maintain the relevant Channel id’s in Employee Work Distribution Rule.

1. Go to Organization Management work center
2. Navigate to Work Distribution view -> Employee Work Distribution sub view
3. Choose Processor for Service Requests – Social Media under Business Area: Service and Support
4. Click on Edit
5. Choose the relevant Rule
6. Go to Channel tab
7. Click on Add Item button
8. Select the relevant Channel which is used for creating the ticket

9. Click on Save

22. Are there Social reports?
Yes, you can find them following the steps below:
  1. Go to Analysis Work Center
  2. Go to Report View

You can either select the Social reports category in the drop down list in order to show up the Social reports, or you can search by the Report name, such as: Customer Count By Channel, Message Volume By Channel, Social Media Ticket Completion Rate.

23. I am not being able to see the Social Reports, what is happening?

If you have set the Business Role for report assignments in the Business Configuration, you might have not set the required Business Role to the end user in order to get access to the Social Reports.

Due to the missing configuration in Social Engagement scoping for the end user, the user is not able to visualize the reports.

Steps to solve the problem:

You need to assign the following Business Role to the user XYZ:

  1. Go to Application and User Management Work Center
  2. Go to Business Role
  3. For the end user, you need to assign the following Business Role:
    • Business Role Name: Social Reporting Operator
      Business Role ID: SOCIAL_REPORTING_OPE

This Role precisely define the user with access to reporting functions. The user will be able to execute reports and generate new ones based on existing data on the system

24. You are not able to  import replies  from an account because the following Error Message in displayed: Messages from Twitter skipped due to error: message#Invalid or expired token#code

The reason of this message is because your access token is invalid.

To fix this issue please follow the steps below and re-authenticate the channel again.

  1. Go to Administrator Work Center.
  2. Go to the Service and social Settings view.
  3. Open Social Media Channels and search for the reference channel.
  4. Select the line  of the channel ID and click in channel id.
  5. Click in Authenticate button.

The error will be solved.

That is all folks, hope this blog post help you with the most frequently asked questions regarding this very important topic from C4C.

Best Regards

Gabriel Brage

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      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Thanks Gabriel for this wonderful blog.

      i have a small query in this, whats the use of API here? Is it mandatory to use?

      Thanks & Regards,

      Ram Prasad


      Author's profile photo Gabriel Brage
      Gabriel Brage
      Blog Post Author

      Hello Ram,

      Thank you for your question.

      The API is considered a key provided by the social media channel provider, which allow you to collect the information from within their system. It is basically an authorization to collect information from an external system.

      Thanks and Regards

      Gabriel Brage

      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Thanks Gabriel.

      Author's profile photo Deniss Loginovs
      Deniss Loginovs

      Hello Experts,

      yesterday we got a new, unexpected issue for Twitter import job.

      "Enter a different user ID as this one already exists."

      we have 3 FB and 3 Twitter feeds working fine, and more then a few months, so this error appears only yesterday and only for one feed. Any ideas why this happens and how come it is possible that an identical users are coming from Twitter ? There is a validation on user id's, and should not be the case for C4C.




      Author's profile photo Gabriel Brage
      Gabriel Brage
      Blog Post Author

      Hello Deniss,

      This usually happens when the import detects a duplicate information for Social Profile. Most of the cases the Individual Customer already has a record with social media profile information. You may find the existing social media profile in the Social Profiles tab in Individual Customer.

      Best Regards

      Gabriel Brage


      Author's profile photo Haseeb Mirza
      Haseeb Mirza


      Thank you for the useful blog. Can we filter social media posts so that not all posts are created as a ticket in C4C ?



      Author's profile photo Gabriel Brage
      Gabriel Brage
      Blog Post Author

      Hello Haseeb,

      My apologies for the delay in the response.

      At the moment there is no way to select the posts that will create tickets and that will not. But you can stop ticket creating from all customers by deleting the channel. In this case I would suggest you to perform one of the following steps:

      1- Post your request in the collaboration forum; there you can request the new features for the new releases of the system

      2- If you need this functionality urgently you may contact your implementation manager to help with such request or approach directly the SAP Cloud Service Center via e-mail to SAP Service Center:

      Best Regards

      Gabriel Brage


      Author's profile photo Keshav H
      Keshav H

      Hi Gabriel,

      Nice Blog end to end ! appreciated.





      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Hola Gabriel,

      Me puedes ayudar con la siguiente duda:

      Quiero entender que lógica usa C4C al momento de clasificar  los mensajes entrantes de redes sociales ( Facebook y Twitter), como SAP C4C detecta cuando debe  agrupa los mensajes en un mismo código ID y cuando genera un nuevo código ID de Tickets.




      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member


      Me puedes indicar como puedo configurar la puntuación Klout en C4C.



      Author's profile photo Nimisha Ray
      Nimisha Ray

      Hi Gabriel Brage

      I have one question, when customers are created automatically via Facebook direct message functionality is there any way we can stop it ?

      As our requirement is to prevent customer creation via Facebook.

      Author's profile photo Andrii Hrach
      Andrii Hrach

      Hello, Nimisha!
      In setting C4C I'm not found this opportunities .
      ind.customer create always and we cannot stop it process.

      Author's profile photo Nimisha Ray
      Nimisha Ray

      Hi Andrey,

      Thankyou for the clarification...

      We also think the same as we have tried many options to stop but unfortunately we didn't find any..


      Author's profile photo RIC L
      RIC L

      Hi Gabriel, how are you?

      I have an error when I try to connect to my channel ‚ÄúAccess token is invalid, check admin logon ID for channel‚ÄĚ for the same I am unable to reply my tickets.

      I already did the steps you mentioned but its not working

      Thanks for your help.