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We BURRA ABILASH and WENHAO CHAI are students pursuing post-graduation from Victoria University. This blog is a part of our curriculum’s assessment.

What is domestic violence?

Confidant fury, more commonly known as House servant violence is a form of violence that can occur between people who share any form of relationship with each other. Domestic violence can be of many types like physical, emotional, psychological, economic and mental. These varieties of contumely need to be examined in more point to analyse a trend in these law-breaking over the past times years. Physical violence is observed when a mortal of any historic period experiences biting, slapping, beating by known somebody at various localization. Wrongdoer uses sexual violence to demean and control an individual (Smith & Powell 1989).

Now let’s dig a bit deeper in order to understand this vast issue more properly so for that we have taken help of a powerful tool SAP Lumira and now let’s discuss with the help of visualization.

1st Graph

This heat graph shows that Assault cases are the most recorded incidents as compared to Sexual Assault and Kidnapping.

2nd Graph

This Area chart shows that females are to be more victims of Domestic Violence as compared to males.

3rd Graph

This is a bar chart clearly showing that New South Wales is the state with highest number of recorded incidents followed by Western Australia and South Australia. The state in which least number of cases were recorded is ACT.

4th Graph

In this Pie Chart, It can be seen that the age of almost 50 percent victims of Assault lies between 25 to 44.

5th Graph

This is a tree chart that shows us that Intimate Partners are mostly involved in the Assault cases which is followed by Partners and Other family Members.

6th Graph

In this 3-D Column Chart, we can see that most of the incidents happen in residential areas for both males and females while least number of incidents happen in Open Space.

7th Graph

This is a line chart showing trends for the year 2014 and 2015. It tells us about the weapons used by the offenders. As we can see, in most of the cases no weapons were used. When it comes to the weapons used, Knife is at the top of the list and Firearm at the last.

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