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Recap #SAPAribaLive Prague 2017

When: June 12th – 14th 2017

Where: Prague, Czech Republic

The Event: SAPAribaLive 2017


Recently I got the excellent opportunity to participate in #SAPAribaLive 2017 #MakeProcurementAwesomeAgain and to be honest I was surprised! (don’t worry! in a good way 😉 )

First of all, it’s important for you to know that my background is not in Procurement nor SAP Ariba. Mainly I have a technical background with a center on SAP technologies like ABAP, UI5, SCP, Gateway, HANA, etc. From a business point of view I had built apps related to HR, FI-CO, MM, PS, Sales, Marketing, Logistics, etc. So for me… a Cloud based solution focused in Procurement is a COMPLETELY NEW thing! Because of this I decided to take this chance to engage with the SAP Ariba community to try to understand their mindset. Spoiler Alert: It was AWESOME!

During the 3 days of conference I got the chance to spent some time with Jason Cao (SAP Mentors Program Lead) and Joe Fox (SAP Mentor & SVP at SAP Ariba – who, by the way, gave a very powerful session on Blockchain with a panel of experts that he led)

It was that with them I got to discover this new world… (new to me and Jason. For Joe it felt like his house’s backyard – rockstar level).

Let’s now go to the juicy part of this blog, “What did I learn as a foreign to the Procurement world and SAP Ariba?”

  1. Blockchain is not just a buzzword and not only related to cryptocurrency (or crypto assets); it’s a powerful technology that SAP Ariba is working to leverage in their own cloud solution to provide their buyers and sellers with new capabilities.
    I highly recommend you to follow Joe Fox over twitter @JoeAriba – he absolutely knows his stuff.
    Also, check the announcement made in March 22nd 2017 along with some the interviews Joe did as a follow up… like this one 
  2. REST APIs, to my surprise, as a developer, SAP Ariba can be consume from our own code in whatever programming language we like. They provide a great REST API, excellent documentation and even a tool that allows you to test your calls and check the response before you even start with the code. Something that reminded me of the SAP Gateway Client (/IWFND/GW_CLIENT) but in the web, of course 🙂
    If you want to learn about this go to , here you will need a proper SAP Ariba valid user. I’ll try to follow up to see if there is anyway we can get access to this sandbox somehow.
    A great guy to follow here is Jason Brown, I participated in one of his session and I got to learn a couple of very useful tricks 😉
  3. SAP Ariba Extension Studio, this is a very powerful tool included in SAP Ariba that allows you define your own Forms and Flows that are triggered by web-hooks.
    What I like the most about the Extension Studio is how clean and simple is the design of the tool.
    If you’re interested on knowing more about this I attended to a session where Manny Cortez , Ani Chauhan and Simona Iliuta

  4. SAP Ariba Digital Assistant, check out the keynote from Dinesh Shahane (SAP Ariba’s CTO)(I did my homework and the link that I added has the exact minute/second when he starts talking about Ariba D.A.).
    It was a great demo and I’m looking forward to continue seeing this type of AI/ML assistants on all SAP products that will enhance users to become more effective and precise on their task.
  5. #WomenInLeadership Luncheon, organized by Alicia Tillman (SAP Ariba’s CMO) was a unique opportunity to get a different point of view on leadership brought to the experiences of Alicia, Leila Janah and Anne Ravanona – I suggest you to check out this video of Samasource (Leila’s company) video . Sadly there isn’t any available video of Anne’s interview.
  6. SAP Ariba Integration, several sessions on how can other solutions can be integrated to the SAP Ariba and the next step in this evolution – known as Cloud Integration Gateway

Some conclusions from different perspectives:

– As a DEVELOPER I see a lot of possibilities for research around the REST APIs and their Integration models. This could expand your portfolio as a profesional and also see how cool cloud companies get their APIs running with high-performance.
You could do integrations using from a backend perspective using:

  • Python
  • Ruby
  • JAVA on SCP
  • Javascript server side with NodeJS

From a front-end perspective:

  • Native App for iOS, Win or Android.
  • Hybrid Apps
  • Web Apps

There is really no limitations as the APIs are REST so this is handling HTTP and parsing a JSON.

– As a PARTNER I see the chance to expand services, specially if you already have  in the area of Integration and Solution.

– As a CUSTOMER It‘s an event that characterizes for promoting networking, communication and inclusion to their ecosystem. Being 1600 people is easier to get to know each other and develop a more effective relationship in a shorter time. I got to talk with SAP Ariba Employees, Buyers/Sellers and of course Partners.

Overall, SAP Ariba Live is an excellent event – even for the Procurement Newbies like myself! 😉

Next actions: There is an upcoming SAP Ariba Live in Sydney in the Month of August. Check it out!


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