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The happiness of your customer results in better returns for your company. That’s what common sense and market research suggest, at least. Let’s play around with the terms a little.


Happiness equates to satisfaction here. You want your business to maximize the number of satisfied customers. It’s easier to retain satisfied customers. Who doesn’t continue using things that make them happy? As a business, you should be on the lookout for methods to make your customers happy.


The Harvard Business Review cites simplicity as one of the guiding factors of keeping your customers.

  • Aiding navigation
  • Building trust
  • Making it easier to compare alternative products
  • Integrating convenient features together

But knowing is only half the battle. Where’s our initiative? How do we consistently satisfy customers?


Fortunately, SuccessFactors offers the other practical half of the equation. SuccessFactors’ main selling point is its mastery over a cloud-based HR management system. The Human Capital Management (HCM) platform takes care of a number of your company’s internal needs.


The HCM by SuccessFactors suite is an industry standard. It is used by many of the biggest company names. Check it out.

Figure 1: A featured list of success stories following implementation of HCM.

Do you recognize any of these companies? Allstate and Avast are two that stick out immediately to me. The proof is really in the pudding here.

SuccessFactors and Employee Happiness

So, how can SuccessFactors directly benefit make your customers happier? It helps streamline the process from recruiting to hiring. It helps with payroll organization, metrics, culture, and more.


Let’s take a look at one of the major components of the HCM suite: the core human resources and payroll. With this one product, your company will receive an entire host of powerful tools to organize its workforce.


SuccessFactors reports a 32% decrease in employee turnover rate due to their services. That’s a massive savings in costs for any company. The upsides are numerous.

  • Organizational management
  • People and transactions
  • Payroll processing
  • HR shared services
  • External workforce management
  • Global benefits


Figure 2: The summarized benefits to efficiency when using SuccessFactors’ HR and payroll methods. Source


Remember, payroll is only one part of the whole HCM suite that SuccessFactors provides. The point of incorporating the HCM infrastructure into your company’s internal organization is to make your employees happier.


It also gives you the ability to track their performance and see the presence of a company culture through a number of other features.


The numbers speak for themselves. Employees are satisfied when they’re individually accounted for on some level. They are happy when they have clear responsibilities and duties and are paid for that work.


SuccessFactors is the organizational software that can help you drive that enthusiasm and growth.


SuccessFactors and Customer Happiness

Remember that line about simplicity in the beginning of the article? Because SuccessFactors is proven to help improve employee satisfaction with their job, it extends to customers as well.


SuccessFactors offers an efficient and clean HR management process simplifies the process for your employees. Happier employees are actually a competitive advantage to have.


There’s a relationship between happier employees and happier customers. This answers the question of how a HR platform benefits customers for us and makes the case for the uses of SuccessFactors.


With the organizational and cultural management capabilities of SuccessFactors, you will be able to create successful campaigns. Workforce analytics and planning are also a significant part of the HCM suite.


Figure 3: These are some of the possibilities that your business can take advantage of through increasing its organizational efficiency or strategy. Source


With this operational control, you can decide to run a variety of campaigns to improve customer happiness. The control and oversight that SuccessFactors offers forms the basis for these initiatives.


With motivated employees you can accomplish a lot more. Here are some pretty good ideas.

  • Learn more about and reward your most loyal customers
  • Collect important analytical data on the needs of your customers and respond accordingly.
  • Help motivate your customers to spread the word about your business.


Although workplace stress is rampant, it is possible to foster happy employees by taking a systemic approach to managing their successes and growth journeys. Remember, happier employees translates into happier customers.


The happiness of individuals interacting in a store are associated to some extent with each other.  As an article in the Wall Street Journal points out, “…employees’ satisfaction with their work-life balance was one of the two strongest predictors of customer satisfaction” (Shellenbarger).


There is strong evidence that happier employees make happier customers. Also, there is strong evidence that SuccessFactors’ HCM suite improves employee happiness.


It doesn’t take much to put two and two together. The use of SuccessFactors to help organize and manage employees will reliably generate happier customers.

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