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Companies love saying the term ‘creative culture.’ It’s an odd buzzword that now appears on almost every “About” or “Team” page known to the web, making its original meaning virtually worthless. However, when used as an actual term to bring on creative employees (writers, designers, illustrators, etc.), they can be one of the best teams you can have. However, hiring these folks correctly is no easy task.


Whether it’s developing someone into being a photographer or having a full-time writer, creatives are going to bring an array of different perspectives that can help your decision-making process tremendously. On any given day these folks can be wearing a multitude hats, being the fluid go-getters that aren’t afraid of a challenge. However, the hiring process for creatives isn’t the same as for your other employees; it requires a different set of criteria and expertise. And that’s something SuccessFactors can help make exponentially easier.


It Starts With The Portfolio


Perhaps one of the first things you should look at in assessing creative candidates isn’t their resumes but rather their portfolio. Although only a select few number of potential employees in the workforce actually have a personal site, it’s been shown that hiring managers are generally more impressed with them.


A portfolio dives much deeper than just work experience by showing off a person’s personality and style, as well as provides insights into how someone views the world. Additionally, a person’s website can also showcase the type of clients they’ve potentially worked with in the past, and how that application can be brought to your business. And with SuccessFactors, you can easily comb through getting to the ones that match the best.


SuccessFactors allows you to aggregate and target those with the right criteria that you’re looking for, including going after those with sites, as well as have client experience. Additionally, you can pick out keywords for agencies you particularly think would be beneficial. This could be an excellent strategy in honing in on a few select candidates, especially considering how incredibly high the turnover rate is in the creative field.


Even with having a great scope on what you’re after, that’s only half the battle. The other half is managing and developing them and the rest of your team into the all-stars you want to stick around for awhile.


Cultivating a Culture


One incredibly important aspect of integrating a more creative culture is giving people a sense of freedom. From creatives to account executives, you should encourage your employees to have time to explore their passions in the industry and collaborate on ideas with one another. And while to most employers, this all sounds ideal; however, accomplishing it requires letting your team off the leash a little bit, which not everyone is comfortable with.


I get that sometimes even if you want to give your employees more freedom, the nature of your industry won’t permit it. But if you’re the lucky ones that possibly can, then I highly suggest you start looking at something like how SuccessFactors can help you manage a more self-reliant atmosphere while simultaneously becoming more productive.

By using a structured system, you’ll be able to set quantifiable tasks that employees can follow. Additionally, you’ll be able to provide them with the tools and resources they’ll need to be the most successful, all at their fingertips. This essentially is allowing employees to know what they have to do and be able to do it on their own terms, without the need of someone breathing down their neck.


It may sound silly, but giving people the option of self-reliance has been proven to make them better workers. They’re able to create their own processes for their workflow, achieving tasks at peak performance. This also gives them the time to build goals for themselves, as well as digest what’s going on in the industry to gain perspective on it. And as people are the ultimate resource for any business, having employees that are knowledgeable, self-determined, and hardworking sounds like the dream candidate for any job.


While developing a creative workforce can be tough, the rewards are exponentially great. The process of hiring more creatives as well as implementing systems for everyone can be more inventive are going to take some growing pains, but that’s exactly what SuccessFactors can help you accomplish. In the end, not only will you have reached your goals, but have developed a team around you to drive it to lifelong success.

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