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Protecting your business is tough. It’s like a leaky boat…when one hole gets plugged, somehow it seems as though there’s another to take its place. This can be incredibly expensive to keep up with, and for some, might mean they have to shut their doors for good. However, that’s why looking into using SAP SuccessFactors can help lead you sailing free and clear.


With SuccessFactors, you’ll be able to protect your business from numerous issues that could arise in both your hiring and onboarding processes. It can cut down on potentially hiring someone with a falsified resume, as well as potential payroll fraud, both things that can eat away at your margins big time. Additionally, implementing systems like this will not only help you save on turnover but potentially increase your retention as well. And as most businesses need to cut costs to survive, this is one piece of software that is well worth the long-term investment.


If you’re looking to protect your business in the long haul, then using SAP SuccessFactors is definitely the way to go. Its easy-to-use platform will help streamline processes while simultaneously helping you prevent numerous potential hiring and fraud problems you might face. And luckily for you, we’ve outlined a few of the specific ways how it can assist with your business’s HR practices too.


Prevents Workplace Liability


Whether you work in a factory or office, having an employee be injured on the job can be an incredibly costly endeavor to go down. Not only are you at risk of paying for workers compensation, but you could potentially face a lawsuit if the employee has a case. Plus, being down an employee is a huge expense in itself, either relying on other team members to pick up the slack or bringing in extra help. With all these factors in mind, it’s important that you have a system in place that’s going to ensure you’re protected.


With SAP SuccessFactors, you’ll not only be able to cover your basis but protect yourself from any additional potential liability that’s specific to your line of work. While everyone should have a grasp on topics like what OSHA is, there are numerous intricacies such as handling sensitive information or processing financial data that requires efficient and comprehensive training. And while this may sound complicated to deliver on, SuccessFactors can help make this element of the hiring process seamless.


Reduces Risk of Fraud


From Fortune 100 companies to mom and pop shops alike, payroll fraud is one of the largest forms of theft happening today. There are a few different methods that employees use to cheat employers out of extra money, including lying on timesheets, falsifying expense reports,  or even forging the identity of a previous employee. And with how convoluted doing payroll can be, it’s no wonder that this such a widespread issue; however, with SuccessFactors, those risks can be brought down significantly.


With its intuitive dashboard and ease of use, SuccessFactors can help make your payroll practices seamless. This will help you keep track of hours, as well as keeping your employee’s status up to date. Even if you can count all your employees on one hand, this is still a good investment to look into.


Ensures You’re Making a Good Hire


Hiring the wrong employees can absolutely cost your business big time. We all know how expensive onboarding can be, which is why turnover eats away at so much. Not only are you paying to find, train, and onboard employees, but there are the additional costs of potentially paying for overtime or extra help while the hiring process is going on. It’s a massive headache, and can additionally run your firm in a fair amount of debt. That’s why using SuccessFactors to provide a transparent and effective hiring process is so crucial.


By using SuccessFactors, you can find the top quality talent you’re looking for while also preventing a bad hire. This includes scanning to make sure their resume is accurate, as well as they really have the skill level and ability they say they do. Plus, you can be rest assured knowing that your retention will remain consistent, saving you both time and money. And as employees are one of the most vital components of any business, investing in the value of them will help you for the long-haul.






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