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Smart Business Service Content Transport Application

Content Transport

Content Transport is a tool provided by Smart Business for SCP Classic which enables the user to download and upload content from one account to another. The customer can transport entities like KPI, OVP, TEXTS and DESTINATIONS from one landscape/account, e.g., Development System to another landscape/account, e.g., Production System.


This option is used to transport the KPIs and related entities, such as, the evaluations corresponding to the selected KPIs, the drilldown configurations, tiles and primary alerts of all those evaluations, and the associated KPIs.



This option is used to transport OVP metadata defined by Smart Business. The OVP metadata export/import handles transport of OVP applications and their related entities such as Global Filter, Evaluations, Views (Overview Page compatible views), and Cards.


This option is used to support translation of the title and subtitle of the selected KPIs, along with the related entities. In this case, when a download is triggered, the master language can also be selected. The application then downloads all the master language content (title, subtitles) of the selected KPIs and their related entities to a zip file. This zip file will have multiple xlf files (one for each KPI and its related entities). The zip file can be sent offline for translation of content into desired languages. Once the translation is complete, the xlf files with texts in the translated language can be uploaded back to the system using the upload option. The upload will  be done once for each translated language.


This option is used to transport all the Smart Business destinations configured by the applications for their OData service.


In addition to the transport of the above entities in the destination system, the Content Transport tool also allows the user to migrate content from the Smart Business for Suite On Hana to the SCP Classic version of Smart Business. To do this, the customer needs to download the CSV files maintained in the HANA database for Smart Business SoH and upload the same using the “Migrate” option provided in the “Upload” section of Content Transport application.


Steps to Download content

  • Go to the Smart Business Content Transport Application.



  • The application opens with the following page:



  • User has options to download KPIs, OVPs, Texts and Destinations created in the source system using the Smart Business Modeler Applications.
  • To download KPIs, Click on the “Download” tab in the panel.


  • Click on the “+” icon located on the right corner.


  • A pop up comes up with the list of KPIs present in the source system.
  • You can choose the KPIs you wish to download. Once selected, click on “Ok”.
  • The KPIs selected will be displayed in a table as below.



  • If you wish to remove any selected KPI, click on the “x” button displayed against the KPI name.
  • Click on Download to download the selected KPIs.
  • The KPIs will be downloaded in zip format.



  • Similarly, content like OVPs, Texts and Destinations can be downloaded from the Content Transport tool into a zip format. 

Steps to Upload content 

Once you have downloaded the content in a zip format from the source system, you can upload the same content into your destination system using the Content Transport Application.

  • Go to the Content Transport Application in the destination system.
  • Click on the “Upload” tab in the panel.


  • You get options to upload KPIs, OVPs, Texts, Destinations and Migrate.


  • To upload any content, click on “Browse” and select the zip files downloaded from the source system. Once done, click on upload.
  • The content will now be uploaded to the destination system.
  • To migrate from Smart Business for Suite On Hana, the customer needs to download the csv files from the HANA database, then, choose “Migrate” and upload the files.

  • The user can, now, choose the HTTP destination, site and catalog in the destination system where he wants to upload this content.
  • The Content Transport application also maintains Logs to keep a track of all the transactions done using the transport application.
  • You can click the “Logs” tab on the panel to check the entries.


Hope the blog helps 🙂


For more information please follow Smart Business Blog :


Note: In case you face any issue with Smart Business Service, you can create an Incident on SAP Support Portal with the  components: CA-GTF-SB-HCP. You may also contact Smart Business team at

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